1 month today…Eeeek!!!

I’m on a massive countdown now, exciting but also very scary! Especially as I am spending this week in Tenby, South Wales with Tim, Harrison, Mum & Dad for a much needed break. I’ve left my laptop at home (which was hard to do I can tell you!) but also important so that I’m not tempted to check my emails at every opportunity. I do have my phone and tablet, so I’m not completely un-contactable and I can keep a check on what all the Bizmums are up to. J

Next week is half term which comes with all its challenges of having Harrison at home all week. However, I’m very conscious that as this will be our last week together as “just the 2 of us”, I have planned some nice days out to catch up with friends and mixed with some business meetings at play barns of course! True Bizmums style!!

Letting go

This then leaves only 3 weeks till DDay! And, because it’s crept up so quickly I had to take a long hard look at my priorities and ‘let go’ of some of the things I had planned to get finished before baby arrives. And that’s ok! Sometimes as mums & business owners we do put too much pressure on ourselves to get everything done and done perfectly. Let’s face it, most of the time it’s impossible. No one really expects it of us; the only person putting the pressure on is ourselves. So what if I haven’t written my newsletter content for August or scheduled all my tweets for the next 3 months? I’m not going to Mars so I will be able to snatch the odd 5 minutes here and there. And, if it doesn’t get done then I’m sure no one is going to hold it against me!


I’ll let you know next week how my holiday goes. We’ve 2 day trips planned which should be fun. Just keep your fingers crossed for some sun for me! I’ll share my experiences of a caravan holiday at 36 weeks pregnant! Could be interesting!!!  I’d love to hear about any ‘interesting’ experiences you had towards the end of your pregnancy. Get in touch by commenting or by sending me an email to michelle@brand9test1.co.uk

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