Marketing should provide the leads to enable you or your sales team to grow your business. Below are five points you should consider:

1. Plan for the year ahead

I am sure you have a business plan for the coming year. Your marketing strategy should be informed by that plan and a budget given to activity.

2. Track, track and track

Ask all enquirers where they heard of you (or if they found you on google, what were they searching for). This will enable you to review how effective your activities are and which you should keep doing and which you should stop.

3. Be focused

Only target your potential market. So if you are targeting women in business for a mailing campaign only mail them  – don’t waste time on anyone else.  The same would  apply to followers on twitter or any other activity. If everyone is your potential target market focus on a defined parameters – i.e. location – to keep activities manageable.

4. Have a method of collecting visitors’ information

If you do markets or trade shows – have a method of collecting visitors information. If they don’t buy but stop and look / chat they had interest – a competition to collect email addresses can work.

5. Manage your activity

So that you can cope with the number of leads you generate. Whatever activity you do be sure to follow up all leads promptly. Good leads are hard to come by and shouldn’t be wasted.

This is a good example of a highly focused original campaign –

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Nick Dean - Rockford IT

Nick was an Account Director at a Regional Marketing Agency for more than 5 years with key clients including the State of Arizona, Shropshire Social Services and UK Trade and Investment. After a period of running his own marketing consultancy Nick is now an in-house Marketing Manager at Rockford IT, an Specialist IT Provider that delivers Managed Solutions for Data, Web and email Hosting, Internet Connectivity, and IT Security. It also provides 24/7/365 support and is ISO 27001 accredited.


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