The 2014 BizMums Awards are now open for nomination but what could that mean for your business?

Here are 5 ways being nominated and winning an award could help :

1. Increase your self esteem
When working for yourself it’s not very often that we receive any recognition for the hardwork we put in. We don’t have a boss or colleagues to tell us well done and often our efforts can go unnoticed by our customers, friends and family. Being nominated for an Award can give you that recognition you deserve and make others realise that too which can be just as rewarding as winning!
“Last year I was nominated for Entrepreneur of year in a national awards, a press release was sent out which reached the business pages of our local press. My dad was so proud he rang me up especially to tell me as his neighbour had taken the cutting round to show him and my partner shared a digital version on his Facebook page saying how proud he was of me. I wasn’t short listed for the finals of the award but that didn’t matter as this recognition from those closest to me was worth more to me than winning and made me feel awesome!” – Michelle Childs BizMums Founder

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2. Raise your credibility and the profile of your business
Being nominated for and winning awards shows your customers the high level of quality and service that you offer. It can also have an impact on the relationship with suppliers that you work with. Credibility can play a very big part in the customers buying decision especially if you gave a very competitive market place so being an award winning business could give you the edge on the competition.

3. Publicity for your business
Platform to promote yourself and your business

4. Increase trust with your existing clients

5. Use your nomination as a new platform for launching a new product or service

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