I have been doing some work on my financial situation recently. I previously didn’t take money seriously and I vastly underestimated the amount of money a business needs. This was enough to make me buy a few books on financial abundance and slowly start to sort my finances out. Here I share nine tips on how to be more financially abundant.

Tip One: You have to take money seriously and lighten up about it.

If money stresses you out or you don’t take it seriously then you need to adjust your standpoint. Looking after it and feeling relaxed around it is possible.

Tip Two: Spend some time uncovering your beliefs about money.

I cannot ever remember a time I wanted to be rich. I think I was taught rich people were greedy and money was something other people had. I now believe that if I have more, I can give so much more away. Feel entitled.

Tip Three:  You need to change your mind set about abundance.

Money is just a transaction and it is abundant in the universe.  I believed more in my own personal scarcity than my ability to generate income. Your mind set will hold you back more than any shortfall will. Know there is enough.

Tip Four: Know that you can cancel your financial subscription!

Actions match aspirations. If you want to put any unhelpful financial behaviour into retirement, then it is time to believe and act in a different way.

Tip Five: Take responsibility and fall in love with your finances.

I now personally ‘lovingly’ go through the details of my finances and I make notes on how I could improve my act. Then I act on these findings.

Tip Six: Act on ideas to generate money.

I realised that the dedication I was using to spend could be used to generate money too!  Come up with some ideas and get going with best way forward on your list.

Tip 7: Spend time imagining how life will be when you’re financially abundant.

Dreaming in detail will help the universe deliver. It won’t be able to if you forget to put your order in.

Tip 8: Be grateful. 

This will help you look after your money  and feel better around it.

Tip 9:  Start giving.

I always gave a lot away and now I realise that is why money flowed to me easily and quickly. What you give will be returned!

I personally do not fear my finances anymore.  I hope you find these tips useful and for further reading I highly recommend Marianne Williamson’s book ‘The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money and Miracles. Harper-One, 2012.

Joleen Kenyon is a mum that lives by the sea in Heysham, Lancashire. Joleen started her motivational workshop business The Bright Light Plan a year ago. After having her daughter she realised that putting herself last continously was no good for herself or her family. She is passionate about helping others to make life special by treating themselves, their dreams and their bodies with the love they deserve. Find Joleen’s blog at www.thebrightlightplan.com.

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