I regularly attend conferences where I learn more about my industry, more about what others think and how large brands market themselves. This in turn helps me to work out how I want my company to be perceived and how to market Koogar better. The knowledge is then passed down to our clients and people we work with to help them understand more about marketing and inspire them to be even better on and offline.

More and more often I’m hearing “we need to be more personal, we need to have a face”. By this I mean we need to be seen to care and go the extra mile… not just say that we do! Customer service is key and is essentially the essence of Social Media. Yes, social media can bring us business but its there for us to build stronger relationships with the people we work with and want to work with in the future by educating them and showing off our wares.

Marketing is about keeping ourselves in the customer’s mind’s eye, making sure that they know we are the people to come to when they have a problem that we can potentially fix.

Digital marketing as a whole has helped move the small businesses to the same level as large organisations by allowing us to target more people on a smaller budget. Social media isn’t the key to marketing, it is just one aspect. You need a good mix of different marketing components that will help trigger responses. The result is getting people to take action.

So, I’d like to give you 4 elements to think about when creating, designing or implementing online and offline marketing:

#1: What is your why? (Film; Machine Gun Preacher – he finds out his why)

When people see the passion you have about your industry they are then inspired and enthused by you and how you could help them. If you’re not sure of your why, go back to basics and work out the end result; what is the purpose of you doing what you do?

#2: Understand your target audience (Film; Red Lights – not only do they understand their own target audience but also the people who they sell to)

Knowing who you sell your product to enables you to really dig deep and deliver the service or product as best you can to the people you enjoy working with. This empowers you to pick and choose your clients instead of trying to sell to “anyone who”. Which platform do they use? Do they visit your website regularly? Do they prefer something in the post?

#3: Treat them like they are VIPs (Alfie – everyone who gets in his car is treated like royalty)

Q: When someone goes that extra mile, how do you feel?
A: Special, individual, like there is no one else getting this treatment.
Your emotional response has been triggered and you are made to “feel”.

#4: Create a journey and an experience! (Film; Saving Private Ryan – when watching this film you go on a journey and live through their experiences too)

Showing your audience the way by giving them a call to action enables the person to take action along your guided path. Tell them what the next steps are, i.e. to be able to work with you or to buy something from you and make it as easy as possible.

There is much more I could say about marketing on and offline but I wanted to help you think about digital vs. traditional and how you can pull them together by using these elements on and offline.
The next step would be for you to spend 10 minutes (or longer) on each of the 4 steps and work out what you need to do to enhance your current marketing activity.

People buy from people! Show your passion (as you can tell, one of mine is films), understand the people you work with, treat them like they are your only client and give them an experience they will never forget!

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