The new year is fast approaching and personally I can’t wait! I am soooo ready for 2014!!! This year has been amazing, I feel like I’ve accomplished so much but it’s all happened in a chaotic blur and has left me feeling quite frazzled! I shut down my work brain last Thursday until the 4th January and I’ve been taking this time to refresh and energise so I’m ready to go go go from then onwards.

At our last Telford event Claire Dowdall gave a talk on goal setting and she shared a technique she had learnt watching a video from Marie Forleo who was interviewing Danielle LaPorte which you can watch HERE This is all about setting yourself goals around the way you want to feel.

This really got me thinking and I started by thinking about how I feel right now …. Overwhelmed, disorganised, exhausted, unfit, overweight! And how I would like to feel….. In control, organised, clarity, focused, healthy, back to my pre baby weight were things that came to mind. So I’ve started to make changes in my life which will supporting these goals.

  • I’m putting together a meal planning spreadsheet which I can use to order my online shopping every week so I’m clear on what to prepare each night and will save time by not having to go to the shop every day and not tempted by unhealthy food choices.
  • I’ve signed up to a 28 day fatburner course with Danni Evans of Fitness2improve to kick start my healthy new lifestyle.
  • And I’ve set up a Facebook Page mission 2014 where I am going to be blogging my progress, sharing any tips I learn etc. and more importantly to be accountable to those who like that page eeek! I’m also inviting anyone else who wants to make changes to their lifestyle in 2014 to join me on that page to share their progress too so if you want to get involved please get in touch.

Enjoy the rest of the festivities, speak to you next week

Michelle x

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