Saturday 4th  October was the date of this years annual conference and awards held at Yarnfield Park Conference Centre nr. Stone. The day brought together 120 mums in business from across the Midlands and the North West to enjoy networking, learning and to celebrate each others achievements.





The day started with an introduction from BizMums founder Michelle Childs. 36 weeks pregnant with her 3rd child on the day of the conference Michelle is a true BizMum and shared her top 5 tips to being successful in Business. Michelle also shared some exciting news for BizMums members including new monthly themes for 2015 and the launch of the BizMums book club.

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Michelle’s two children and her partner Tim were also able to attend the conference along with many other children who were able to play in the Creche provided by Bluey & Baloo

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The first session of the day was Marie-Claire Caryles “How to become a money magnet workshop” Marie-Claire helped us to discover some of the limiting beliefs we may have around money and taught us a great question to ask ourselves every day ….”How can it get any better than this?!!” You can buy Marie-Claires book HERE

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During lunch attendees had the opportunity to network and to browse the stands

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After lunch the sponsors had an opportunity to give a 10 minute presentation to their table letting them know more about them and their businesses and answering any questions

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Our first talk of the afternoon was from BizMums member Jo Howarth of the De-stress Show who taught us some tips to help us build our resilience

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Our second talk was from Amanda Dodd. Amanda shared with us her vision of the future for social media

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We held a raffle to raise funds for PANDAS pre and post-natel advice and support. The founder Rachael Dobson who is a BizMum gave short presentation about PANDAS and explaining why fundraising and support is so vital. we raised over £300 on the day

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After the afternoon break Amanda Alexander’s talk was about Self-Esteem and she shared some valuable tips and resources to help us be better mums and business women

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The finale of the day was the presentation of the BizMums Awards by Apprentice finalist Claire Young. You can find out all the details of the winners HERE

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We are beginning to plan our 2015 conference and awards so if you would like to be involved please email

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