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Come to a BizMums Meetup!

Come and meet other local mums in business at a BizMums Meetup! You can meet other self-employed mums in a relaxed environment, share what you do and learn valuable skills to take back and apply to your business.

We have 80 groups covering the UK, each with a Host to make you feel welcome!

At each location, we host one event per month in the daytime in a child-friendly location, so you can bring your pre-school children along. We also have one event per month in the evening for adults only, where you get a chance for a bit of me-time.

At our meetups you have the opportunity to introduce yourself and tell the group a little more about what you do. We also have a short talk from a selected speaker on our monthly theme. Our members tell us they love BizMums for its supportive, relaxed, fun yet informative environment – so come and find out what it’s all about!

Your first Meetup is free and after that it’s just £6 per meeting – or you can become a Member, attend any Meetup across the UK and access all sorts of online learning to help you in your business.

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Our Members say...

“If it wasn’t for BizMums & Michelle then I wouldn’t be where I am today with my business. It has made me believe in myself, & meeting like minded mums in business has given me the strength to pursue my life long dreams. BizMums & all it’s members are a true inspiration to me. It should be shouted from the rooftops & all mums in business at any stage of their journey should join :)”

Angela Geogiou, Kiki Jewellery

“It is great being able to network with other local like minded women without worrying about having to sort out childcare to enable me to attend as all children are welcome at the affordable child friendly meetings. There is so much support for everyone both at the meetings, on facebook and on the website”

Lorraine Boyle, Phoenix Cards

“It’s the safe space to make friends with ladies on the biggest and scariest journey of their lives, you encourage and support each other and the confidence it brings is awesome!”

Lajina Leal, Masala Magic

Connect with us

We know from talking with you that setting up your own business and being at home with the children can be very lonely. You’re excited about your business ideas but maybe you don’t have the time, support or skills you need to take them further.

Well, our Members tell us that the main reason they love BizMums is CONNECTION. Being around other like-minded people in similar situations can really help and motivate you with your role as a mum and a business owner. You can have the work-life balance you want! We can help you make it happen!

Frequently asked questions

Q. My children are older, is it still OK for me to come?
A. The majority of mums who come to BizMums actually have older children but the child-friendly environment means that those with little ones are still able to come along.

Q. My child is in nursery that day, can I still come along?
A. That is absolutely fine!

Q. I’m not a mum, can I come along?
A. As long as you don’t mind the odd bit of ‘mum talk’ and children running around then you’re very welcome to come along.

Q. I’m not a BizMums member, can I come along?
A. You are welcome to come for your first visit as a guest for free and then pay as you go at £6 per event. But there is so much more to BizMums than just our meetups, so we do encourage you to take a look at our membership options.


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