I’ve been working as a graphic designer for a long, long time now. Flyer design is a frequent request – its a reliable form of marketing, even in the digital age. It doesn’t need power or wi-fi to perform, it can be folded up into a pocket or passed onto a friend. Its perfect for leaving behind following a sales meeting or a networking event. Done right, it can be emailed as well as printed, added to websites, attached to emails. The modest Flyer proves to be a very effective marketing tool for all businesses and events.

So how do you go about putting together a flyer? What should you include, and what should be left out? Well, lets go through some components we need to consider when planning the content.

  • Who the flyer is for, what is the purpose of the flyer. Is it to inspire an action – perhaps a booking, a phone call? Every other point on the flyer must be checked against this point, so be clear about your intentions. Write it down as your benchmark.

  • Come up with a Headline – the first thing that will be read, where the decision to be kept or binned will be made. Design-wise, it doesn’t have to be at the top of the page, but it does have to be the first focus. Bear in mind the purpose of the flyer again – What problem does the buyer have that you have the solution to? What need does the customer have and how do you solve it?

  • Products and Services – perhaps include a list of the things your business works with, to give some background to your flyer and its purpose. Make a big list, then make it smaller by removing unnecessary descriptions, wordy statements, repetition.

  • USP – Unique Selling Point. Why buy from you and not another business doing the same thing? Guarantees, added value, best prices, bespoke services, certification etc.

  • What would you like them to do – email? Call? use a voucher? Use your contact details (correct details!) appropriately. Spell out exactly what you want the reader of your flyer to do next.

  • Revise everything up until this point – what can you lose, and still make the overall message compelling?

Kat Clarke is a Bizmums Host for meetings in Bridgend and Llantrisant, South Wales. Over the course of her career, Kat has worked with big brands such as Kelloggs, Adidas, Sony BMG, and Universal Music.  Her business Pixel & Print Ltd. provides graphic design and marketing consultancy, and has experience in advising the small business sector. Find out more at www.pixel-and-print.com

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