Hi my name is Anna and I joined Bizmums in August this year. I have thought about joining for a long time but thought I couldn’t as I am not actually a mum! Once I realised I could come I came along as a guest and was really impressed by the warm, supportive atmosphere of the group in Bromborough and decided to join. I love the facebook community for bizmums. We celebrate each other’s successes and support each other through the lows.

I am a massage therapist and founded my business in 2015. Prior to this I worked in HR – work I did not really enjoy and as a “hobby” I decided to do a course in aromatherapy in 2012. Once completed I moved onto reflexology and eventually had a range of qualifications but was still working in HR doing massage on the side. Fast forward to 2015 I was made redundant from my HR role and I decided to found Relax Therapies.

I started renting a room in a clinic and doing some mobile work. By August 2017 however business was going really well and I branched out and got my own treatment room in Birkenhead. I now offer a range of treatments including Sports massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Postural Assessment, Reflexology and Indian Head massage.

I love my work as I get a huge sense of reward when people come to me in pain (physical, mental and emotional) and walk out of my office feeling better. I enjoy the process of trying to work with my clients to find out what the causes of the problems are and working on a solution together. Oftentimes people come into my clinic looking stressed and harassed and leave looking peaceful and calm. Or they are bent over double with back pain and at the end of the massage they are able to stand up straight! I feel the work I do is worthwhile and helps people.

I also love being self employed as it gives me an enormous freedom over my time. For example I am currently in college studying both counselling and sports massage level 4 – something I would not be able to do if I were in work full time!

The main challenges I face in my business at the moment would definitely be getting a consistent number of clients in to my clinic each week to keep my income stable. As we come up to Christmas I am quieter than usual and I will be off Christmas week so my December income will be lower than usual. Although I am getting better now I still struggle with putting a value to my work and sometimes charge people too little or not at all. Especially for people working in a caring role I think

it can be difficult to charge a fair rate for the service but it’s essential to get over that unless you want money to be a constant struggle!

Over the long term I aspire to qualify as a counsellor and Mindfulness Practitioner and add this to massage therapy. Emotional states definitely impact upon the body and as a counsellor and mindfulness practitioner I would be able to work with clients to help them understand how their thoughts and emotions are creating wellness or disease in their bodies and change patterns to produce health.

Anna Pluck www.relaxtherapieswirral.com

07772 874 242 anna@relaxtherapieswirral.com

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