I am Becky Holmes. I am mum to two children Zach and Lexi and married to a firefighter. All three of them are sports mad! A typical weeks involves working during the school day running a science show company or building my business, then trying to fit in eating dinner between school, gymnastics, rugby and football training. Any time off we love to go camping or to the beach, anything outdoors!

I am a business coach, speaker and trainer, that helps business owners to harness the power of video and live broadcasting (Facebook live) to raise their visibility, so that they can attract their ideal clients, free up time and enjoy their business again.

I have been a science show presenter and speaker trainer my whole career and I love speaking, like love with a capital L! As we grew the business from 3 staff to 17 it was clear most of our impact and business came from people seeing us speak, either during a show or at networking events, but speaking as a tool to grow your business can only get you so far as there is a cap to how much time you can spend speaking and we all needed to be doing paid work. Then VIDEO got big and became more and more accessible, we moved our blogging over to vlogging, then Facebook live and could reach more and more with our science inspiration. It seemed the perfect way to leverage live speaking and I was hooked. I was at the same time becoming increasingly fascinated with business as we learnt from experience as the company grew. I expanded into a leadership role becoming Associate Director and coaching our staff, yet all the time yearning to have my own business. Finally, something clicked, I was ready and my latest venture started: combining all my passions speaking, video, business and coaching.

The thing I love most about my work is seeing people take action as a result, maybe an action that they have been holding back from taking, and feeling how their energy shifts when they get that forward momentum. When they take action their followers or customers benefit and it’s a becomes a gorgeous ripple effect

One of my biggest challenges currently is having enough energy to go around. I suffer from PMDD which means my energy alters wildly around my cycle. I also remain Associate Director of a science show company, so those and my #gymmum #rugbymum #rugbywife roles means I need to watch I don’t burn out and makes leverage all that more important.

I am in the early stages of my business currently but long term I hope to be an online influencer providing as many women around the UK as possible with the skills and inspiration to stop hiding and make them selves as visible as possible and leverage video to the max but at the same time walking my own talk and making it as leveraged as possible.

I came across Bizmums a few years ago when I met a group leader and just loved the meetings and how supportive and friendly every one is. I have never actually taken my children (they are in school) to a meeting but love seeing women going out there and making running a business and having a family work in harmony.

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