Hello, my name is Ceit (Kate) Wood and I host the Pontefract group. I have two children; Gabriel who is 7 and Scarlett, 4, who has started full time school this year. My days are centred around the school runs as our school is quite far away so I always have my eye on the time. I do a lot of online networking and going out to businesses to help them save money. At the weekend we like to be out and about going for walks, visiting country houses and their tea rooms.

I am an associate with Accountancy Plus, it’s a new business offering discounted accountancy services. We are a discount group which means we can keep our prices low and offer great freebies like marketing reviews to our clients. What I like best about the company is that we cater for small businesses and network marketers, it’s a fixed monthly payment so no big scary bills and you only pay for what you need.

When I started my Accountancy Plus business I was already working on another MLM but I felt like I was pestering my friends into buying products that they didn’t really want. I now feel much more like I am helping people by giving them the service that they need from a fantastic company at a lower price.

My biggest challenge at the moment is growing my client base while the Accountancy Plus brand is so new and Biz Mums has been a great way to do that. I’d love for Accountancy Plus to be a household name and to help all my business friends to save money.

I came across Biz Mums when my area co-ordinator connected with me on LinkedIn. I responded and we became friends on Facebook. I knew that I had to go out to more networking events now my littlest one had started school so when the opportunity came up to be a host I volunteered straight away, knowing that I couldn’t wimp out and stay at home if I was the host.

The Pontefract Biz Mums group is very relaxed, friendly and supportive. I enjoy having a mix of great speakers with the feel of meeting up with your friends for a chat. There’s no pressure to talk if you don’t want to so if you’d like to come and network with us we will be very welcoming and would love to see you there.

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