Hi Lovely BizMums. I am Chris Lewis from Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. I have two gorgeous children, Jake aged 12 years and Keana aged 10 years. My business is The Blue Light Coach and I provide confidential, independent and professional support, specialising in front line public services personnel.

After retiring from the police after 30 years exemplary service in 2016, I initially went into network marketing with Forever Living where I was able to do lots of mindset work to be the best I could be. However, after joining BizMums in May 2017, I recognised that there was a gap in public services in assisting staff who experience traumatic situations as a ‘norm’ and my passion to help. So I undertook additional coaching and trauma training so that I can assist serving and retired ‘blue light‘ colleagues to be able to overcome the effects of traumatic work and live again!!!

Any spare time I have is spent with the kids, trying to make up for the times I wasn’t there because I was dealing with an investigation or trying to negotiate with a suicidal individual.

I discovered Biz Mums when I was at a bit of a crossroads and was unsure which way to go. The absolute support and non-judgemental attitude of the gorgeous Biz Mums was exactly what I needed. I definitely would not be writing this today if it wasn’t for that amazing support.

I really enjoy helping people to get their mindset straight and live with the confidence and self – esteem that we all deserve and although I specialise in public services, I have helped many others, particularly women, to self – care and to learn to live again and dream again.

As for my aspirations……..I would just like to help as many people as I possibly can. Watch this space xxx

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