Hi. I’m Deanne Adams, mum to Jennifer, 9, and William, 7. Right now, there’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ day in my life… it used to be dropping the kids at breakfast club, heading to work, teaching teenagers all day and returning with a pile of marking and preparation to do… but no more!

I’ve left my job as an English teacher and set up as Need Words, using the skills I’ve been honing over fifteen years. I offer a wide range of services, such as copywriting, editing and proofreading, but also less obvious ones like public speaking consultation, book coaching and critique writing for aspiring authors, and personal statement consultation for those applying for universities through UCAS.

I was inspired to set up Need Words by my love of language: we own one of the world’s most versatile, subtle and evocative languages. Just a few words… the right words… paint a scene as vividly as an artist’s brushstrokes. The right words make us laugh or cry. The right words rally us to a cause. They make us insightful, brave, loyal, honest, kind… but they have to be the right words.

Equally, I was inspired to set up Need Words out of sheer frustration! There are a lot of words out there which are not the right words. If they sound like everyone else’s words, then they’re not right – they’re just white noise in an already noisy world. If they’re badly structured, then that gives your audience the impression that you don’t really know yourself what you’re about. If there are errors of grammar, spelling or punctuation (my own personal favourite being the spliced comma!), you just look unprofessional.

I enjoy showing people in business how the right words cut through all of that white noise, making it clear to your audience that you know what you are about and you care about doing a good job. It pleases me to send a proofread text back to its writer in the knowledge that it has been given a thorough polish. And it gives me a certain kick when I can help a writer to write better. (And no, it isn’t always wrong to start a sentence with ‘And…’!)

The first time I heard about BizMums was when the Bridgend host Kat Clarke friended me on Facebook. Both she and Jackie Van Baren have seemingly bottomless resources of energy in the drumming up of support for BizMums. I enjoy the meetings in South Wales because I’ve made friends with people I didn’t know were alive six months ago. Every meeting, you never know whom you’re going to meet. Every new connection opens up a whole new web of business possibilities, since we all – whether we’re in employment or run our own enterprise, whether we’re students or writers, whether we have presentations or wedding speeches to deliver – we all need words.


Deanne Adams



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