My name is Emma Heffernan. I am a mum of two boys Ben who is 8yrs old and Jack who is 4yrs old. I am 40 this May and live with my boys in Knutsford, Cheshire.
 I am a work from home mum and i run a personal franchise called The Juice Lady.
On a day to day business as well as running my business from home i am a main carer for my dad, who suffered a Stroke in October 2013 and has had really bad ill health since. I love this see i get to see my dad most days and give something back to him for bringing me into this crazy world we live in.
I enjoy walking, going out to eat and partying when i get the chance with my friends and family! As a family we like to go to the park a lot.
 Like most children they love the outdoors, fresh air and just being able to run free! I am an amateur glass painter and do this in my spare time and also like to colour i find both these things very therapeutic. When i get time i love to swim and also Zumba, both of which i find are great ways to get fit and healthy.
My business is all about Health & Wellbeing. Making that one positive step to a healthier, happier lifestyle. I inspire people. I teach them about good nutrition and how it can help our bodies function properly and without ailments or dis-ease!
The product I share is an all natural product made from Fruits and Vegetables and has been around now for over 21 years. There have been 32 Gold Peer review clinical studies performed on it. It is not a vitamin but a wholefood supplement. It can help with focus and performance within our busy lives, at the gym. Anywhere really. It is suitable for Younger and Older generations. It has helped so many people with different aspects of there lives from Skin conditions, Weight control, Diabetes, IBS etc
I have a passion for helping people as i always wanted to become a nurse, what better way than naturally and more holistically than having them take medicines which are proving not to be helping, but aiding our ilnesses and ill health?
Being in network marketing is very interesting.
You get to meet people from all walks of life. Having not much confidence in the beginning of my journey of setting up to now i struggled to speak to people as my belief was that i couldn’t do it!! How wrong was i?
 I went to my first meeting and did my elevator pitch and flunked it, i was so embarrassed and wanted the floor to swallow me whole. Everyone was so friendly and kind to me that day and actually spoke to me. Asking questions etc, making me feel human and involved. So i felt that if i could do it then, i could do it again. I picked myself up went on home and booked in another meeting. This time adding to the mix an email to everyone that day thanking them for making me feel normal!! From there i got one to ones with people and it spiralled.
 This has built my confidence and my self esteem up no end. Not only that but given me the belief to know that I CAN do this I am a legitimate business woman and people do want to hear what i have to say.
This is why I am Striving for success. My main focus is to bring in a sufficient income for us to be able to live comfortably and afford life’s little luxuries. I am determined to make this work as i would love to take my boys to Disneyland Paris one day and not have to worry about the cost. Also I would love a Red Landrover Evoque with Cream leather interior just to potter about in as you do hehe!
Juice plus is a networking business. My job is to meet people and on an everyday business and to spread the word. This is where Bizmums comes into play. I am a host for the Alderley Edge group and we have some lovely members as well as new people attending all the time. There are a variety of different businesses who attend and some network marketers. I enjoy being a host and helping refer other businesses as well as use there services for my own family and friends. We have a good laugh, talk about some fantastic topics which are set out for us by Michelle and her team and everyone is so friendly!
Emma Heffernan
To change your life, physically, emotionally or even financially please check out my website

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