Hi, I’m Heather Bird and live in Brownhills, Walsall.  I am married of 2 years (together for 11) and we have a daughter of 7 years.  My ultimate goal is to swap roles with my hubby; he brings in 80% of the income and I bring in 20%. I love this to be reversed.

I am the owner/manager of HMB Training services, delivering First Aid training. I offer First Aid courses to businesses, child care settings and to the public.  The courses I deliver are Bite Size, Emergency first Aid, Emergency Paediatric First Aid, Paediatric First Aid and First Aid at Work courses.

My previous employment I was a teaching assistant in Primary Schools. These were the most rewarding six years of my career, watching children strive and grow.  I have learnt so much over these years and have grown so much.  But after much thought, I wanted a career change so I can be more flexible and be there for my daughter much more. But the question is, what I could do.  Until one day I needed to complete my First Aid at Work course for School/work.  While at the training course, I sat there admiring the trainer, thinking I would love to be in her shoes and deliver training just like her.  After looking into the possibilities, completing courses and working hard for 9 months, I became a fully-fledged trainer and ready to deliver courses from January 2017.

I’ve always wanted my own business and I am here today at 32 years old fulfilling that dream, I am taking small steps to fulfil that big step in my journey.

After ploughing slowly through work, to-do-lists, social media, I bumped into BizMums.  I liked the sound of the relaxed atmosphere and that kiddies are welcome and that I could even have a moan about home life if I wished.

I’m still in the early stages of my business, but I have learnt so much and I am already looking forward to my next BizMums meeting.

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