My name is Jennifer Jarratt.  I am a 26 year old mother of two (Sophie 4 and Riley 2).  I live with my partner in Hull and am the Managing Director of Blissful Baby Gifts Ltd.

I formed Blissful Baby Gifts two and a half years ago as a young married mother. Just weeks after our second child was born,  my now ex husband, received news that he was to be made redundant. I wanted to provide a solution to this situation which was feasible and workable for us as a family. There are many lessons to be learnt from history and if you look at a bygone age you will see that small cottage industry was indeed the order of the day and allowed for the focus to be on family life.  Indeed, it was only with the coming of the industrial revolution that this situation altered.

I had already accumulated ideas of what I might do, based on my hobbies: sewing, art and crafting. I researched the market for similar products to the ones I had in mind and was surprised at just how expensive they were. I was convinced that, based on what I had found out, I could make and sell  “unique but useful” handmade gifts (such as diaper cakes) at affordable prices but still maintain a high quality. Moreover, this was something I could develop alongside providing full time childcare for my two children, this having the dual benefits of my being their full time carer and negating the necessity to pay for childcare if I worked outside the home.

A year into the business I noticed that I had a lot of clothes that my children had outgrown.  Like many people, these clothes held special memories and I felt it was a waste to put them in a box in the attic and leave them there, unseen and largely forgotten. This gave me the idea to provide a bespoke service which I called “keeping memories alive”. Further developments have resulted in the handmade gifts and the most recent embroidery service.

I am a very focussed and hardworking person who is passionate about creating a business which provides unique goods in response to customer demand.  I enjoy the creative process and value the ability to spend quality time with my children whilst building my business around this.   There are currently plans in place for Blissful Baby Gifts to develop and grow during the next twelve months by and adding more brands and  a name  and logo change to better reflect the character of the developing business.

I heard out about Bizmums when I was approached by founder Michelle Childs via social media. I had been approached by another networking business about a similar opportunity but after discussions with Michelle, I decided to become the Bizmums host for Chester. Upon the breakdown of my marriage,  I relocated to Hull in January 2014 and was able to set up the first East Yorkshire Biz mums group. Since then I have recruited two hosts to open groups in Cottingham and Beverley. I am delighted to confirm that the East Yorkshire Bizmums area is already thriving and providing a much needed support group for those enterprising mums of the area who want to be in charge of their own businesses.

I look forward to meeting other mums in business, especially after my relocation. I have already made a couple of close friends and it is great to have so many similar interests and I love hearing about other businesses and how they have developed. I am passionate about our network and firmly believe that we will all benefit from networking and supporting each other.


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