Hi, I’m Kristan and I’m Mum to two children aged 2 and 5, Wife to Dan and owner of tillydude.com

In February 2017, we decided to go on a family adventure and moved to Mallorca where I run my businesses from.

A typical day for me is the same as many of those with children of school age – it’s a manic rush to get out of the door and to school on time! The main difference for me here is my approach to work – it’s more flexible.

Although generally I work whilst the children are in school/nursery, I also attend Spanish classes and Yoga. Rather than a ‘normal’ office day, I’ll split my time between work and family. Once it’s school pick up time, I’m back into Mum mode until they go to bed. I’ll probably work again in the evening but the time when all the family are together, we’re doing things together.

I’ve been selling on Amazon for the past few years and in 2017 launched tillydude.com inspired by my 2 children.

I wanted to provide those looking for gifts for a child in the family or a new arrival something different.

I also wanted to bring in an educational element which was the inspiration for my group Tilly Dude Explore.

Living in Liverpool, there are so many activities and groups for children. Moving to a rural area on a tiny island all of a sudden there was none of this and so play became more creative, more outdoors and more child led.

I hope that through the group, families will share ideas for great ways to encourage play and understand how their children learn.

2018 is a really exciting year for me, with new products for tillydude.com launching in the next few months as well as a membership site. I’m also working with Dan creating training courses to help other Entrepreneurs make the most of their Amazon businesses.

Joining Bizmums was a defining moment for me. I think I saw a Facebook ad, but I can remember very clearly saying to Dan that I had seen this meeting for Mums in business and I was going to go. I wasn’t very confident at the time and I pretty much hid behind the baby but I just knew I was meant to be there (and sat next to Michala Leyland in particular!)

Every single person who was at that meeting that day has helped me in my business since that day.

I might not be in Merseyside anymore but I‘ll always be from Liverpool and I’ll always be a Bizmum.



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