Hello, my name is Laura Brown and I’m a wife and an mum to two lovely children, one aged 4 and one only 8 months old. I’m on maternity leave at the moment from teaching so my day mainly revolves around my children with bits of my new business thrown in whenever I can get to it! Free time is very sparse but when it does appear I will throw on my trainers and go for a run. There’s nothing like it to clear your head and give you a boost!

I started up as a Jamberry consultant in December. I didn’t think I would ever do anything like this, it’s nothing like my other job! An opportunity presented itself at a time when I needed a bit of extra income and also when I needed a bit of something to do that was just for me. Jamberry are an American company that have produced a range of nail wraps that offer an inexpensive, mess free, non toxic way to decorate your nails at home that needs no drying time. A set of finger nails will last up to 2 weeks on hands and 4-6 on feet. There are 4 applications on a sheet and each application works out at only £3.75 each!

I have been a huge fan of this product for months as they are totally life proof. Even with two children to deal with they don’t chip or flake. I was purchasing them and singing their praises before I joined the company myself.  I love the opportunity that it gives me to do something that’s just mine. It also gets me out, with of without my baby, to meet lots of new people.

This whole experience has pushed me well out of my comfort zone from the way I need to interact with people (it’s a very tactile job!) to having to get my head around the fact that people will hand over money for my products. I had to stop myself just giving stuff away initially!

My hope for this is that it allows us to be a little more financially stable whilst my children are little. It’s such a special time and if I can avoid missing too much of it by teaching full time then that would be amazing. I would also love to prove that I can make a success if this, not to anyone else but myself.

I went to my first bizmums meeting when I had been trading for 2 days!! I was invited by a friend.  The networking is amazing and the support has really given me the confidence to do whatever it is I need to do.



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