I’m Lisa.  I live in Telford with my husband, two young children and teenage step-son.  I’m into things like gardening (especially growing fruit and veg), family history and anything else the kids will allow me time to discover.

I am a family law solicitor.  I help people when their relationships break down and when they start new relationships.  I can help anyone who says…

  •  I want to sort out the arrangements for the children without going to court.
  • I wish my solicitor didn’t charge by the hour because that means they get more money if they work slowly – I want fixed fees and payment plans so I know what I’m going to pay and can budget.
  • When we’re talking about how we’re going to sort out the finances, I wish we could both have our solicitors with us so we can get some guidance on whether the things we are talking about are even practical.
  •  I am worried that my ex will come back to my house and hit me again.
  •  I want to appoint guardians to look after my children when I die.
  •  My partner is moving in with me but I want to protect my share of the property.
  •  How do I change my name?
  •  I want a quick and easy divorce.
  •  My ex has taken our child and won’t bring her back.
  •  I’m planning to get married but want to make sure my husband doesn’t keep the family business if we separate.
  •  I think I might be eligible for legal aid.

What do I do?  I care.  I do whatever I can to help.  I try to keep people safe from abusive partners.  I try to make sure they get a fair deal.  I sometimes tell them that they’re being silly, unfair or just not thinking straight.  I help people avoid the stress and cost of court proceedings unless it is absolutely necessary.  I fight for them.

When I was employed by a firm of solicitors, the policy was to “stack ’em high, sell ’em cheap”.  I had too many clients to really give any of them a good service and still my boss was telling me to get more.  My first policy on starting as a freelance solicitor was to limit the number of clients I deal with at any one time.  Each of them will be dealing with the most emotionally traumatic time of their life – I want to give them the time, attention and service that they need.

My plan is to set up a social enterprise that provides legal advice to people on low income but who are not eligible for legal aid – I want to create my own access to justice.  I already give free advice to anyone who needs it at Telford Citizens Advice Bureau and Women’s Aid.  This is just the start!  There are so many people that need legal advice but cannot afford it.  My plan is to make it accessible.

If you know anyone who could use a bit of legal advice from me, please ask them to get in touch.  The first meeting is always free with no obligations.  I have also provided a fair bit of legal advice on my website: www.myfamilysolicitor.net.

number: 01952 327337

email: lisa@myfamilysolicitor.net

LinkedIn: uk.linkedin.com/in/lisapickering/

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