Hi my name is Lorna McCann and I live in the beautiful Shropshire countryside with my husband Matt and two gorgeous boys Lucas and Finn. Life is generally hectic whizzing around on the school runs, racing to after school clubs and working hard in between to build up my business.

I run Lorna McCann PR which is a small, independently run public relations company. I work with small businesses and indie authors to maximise their exposure within the media both online and through more traditional channels such as print and broadcast mediums. I form part of the marketing team for Team Author UK which is run by fellow Biz Mum Sue Miller and I am also a children’s author. I decided to go solo in January 2016 after 15 years combined experience working in journalism and PR across the UK in busy newsrooms and PR agencies.

The biggest motivational factor behind this move was to allow for more flexibility within my working day so that I could take my children to school and be there to greet them at the end of the school day. I love the enthusiasm and motivation demonstrated by small business owners and indie authors but often generating good PR is something they don’t have time to do because they are so busy actually running their business. And that’s where I come in useful. I work closely with clients to identify the key angles for PR opportunities which will help gain exposure in the media. By writing newsworthy press releases and features or developing expert comment, reactive statements or pitching media interviews my goal is to get businesses noticed by their key customers and help build credibility and trust within their brand.

The most enjoyable part about my job is getting to know business owners and securing them valuable coverage in the media. Opening up a newspaper or magazine or clicking online to see your client has been featured is extremely rewarding. It takes time to grow and develop a business but I feel I have achieved so much in the last year that it’s really time to sit down and set some clear goals for the next 12 months. There are many challenges facing the PR industry and the single biggest is the rate at which digital technology is advancing and the way in which businesses should be communicating with their target audience. Staying on top of these advancements and upskilling myself will most definitely be key in 2018.

I was first introduced to Bizmums in 2014 by a friend when I was working in an employed role. The Bizmums conference and awards in 2015 was a key networking event for me which enabled me to meet two very wonderful ladies – Sue Miller and Jude Lennon. I now work closely with both providing PR for Team Author UK and Jude’s business Little Lamb Tales and I have been introduced to a great network of women, many of which inspire me daily! I love the support and encouragement of the Bizmums network and the friendly ‘how can I help’ ethos shown by all. This has given me tremendous confidence to believe in me and my business.

Any Bizmums looking for a friendly chat on how I can help with P R doo drop me an email on lornamccannpr@gmail.com.

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