Hi my name is Sam McHugh and I am married to Duncan and have 3 children between 8 and 17.  All three go to different schools and colleges so life is quite hectic organising everyone. I have always wanted my own business and the flexibility that brings.   I live in a small village in Cambridgeshire and  In my spare time I breed and show Maine coon cats which can take me all over the country.

I am with a company called Magnetix Wellness which is beautiful magnet jewellery and accessories  I started  last November having met another consultant at an event earlier in the year.   I attend events and do “pop ups” selling the jewellery at peoples homes or places of work, I event held an event at my vets surgery.

I was with another mlm company and wanted an “add on” when I found Magnetix but what I have found is that Magnetix has over taken it.  I find it so easy as I think most people are aware of the benefits of magnets and copper jewellery but just not seen such pretty stuff.  Magnetix has only  been trading in the UK for 4 years although trading in Europe for 18 years which means in the UK we aren’t over saturated with consultants.  Since November I have had 3 promotions and am now an Executive Marketing Director.  I have also started to build a team which is great.

I really enjoy events and meeting lots of different people and the best thing is when people come back to you after having purchased something and say how much it has helped them.

My biggest challenge I would say is juggling home and work and getting the balance right.  I am very driven and if not careful will still be on the laptop or my phone at 9 pm looking for events etc and replying to emails!! I need to learn to say enough is enough for one day !

I am currently trying to achieve an incentive to go to Crete next year with Magnetix  to do so I need to make a certain amount of sales and recruit some more team members so I am going to give it my very best shot.

I first came across Biz mums when I had an email land in my inbox.  I attended the Kings Lynn meeting and joined straight away I have also attended the Heacham meeting.  I have made some lovely friends who have given me a lot of support since the death of my Mum 4 months ago.  I also love supporting my fellow Biz Mums businesses and regularly buy from them or use their services.

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