Hi all I’m Steph, single mum from stone. I have two children Avamay 6 in July and Ryin just turned 3. I am trying to settle into a court order with my ex husband over access with the children, taken a while to get into the routine. 
I love getting out and about with the children and on my own especially with my camera, little hobby. I have taken a huge turn in my life due to go idiot myself a single mum and totally stuck in a rut with my life. However turning a strong corner lately and starting to re enjoy life.
Last October I took the lead and left full time work within a day nursery to start childminding from my own home. I offer a flexi service and can cater for shift workers, over night care and even weekend childcare. I took this leap due to my full time working hours and could not find childcare for my oldest child due to where I was working and where her school was based. I have worked with children since qualifying in childcare at 18 and always dreamed of running my own nursery. I love how I work I see my own children get to take them to school, which was what my daughter has always wanted me to do. I have now decided a nursery is not for me as I love my flexibility, able to take the children out when they and I want, can work hours I want and that suits mine and children I care for. The child I all care for are over 6 and love my outdoor area and activities etc I provide, so much that even parents are wanting extra session because the children just want to come to mine. 😀 
I am now facing slight difficulties (in someways) as I am having to turn families away. Especially as I am only one of two settings within stone that provides charge to and from a local school. Thinking of getting a bigger car just to cater for these but can not jump to far. Within stone there are a lot of day nurseries and childminders but I feel from parents and children’s feedback I have secured these families due to my flexibility and early opening and late finishes.
I always dreamed of opening a nursery or even moving this into a larger setting to cater for more children but I feel it my take away from my more personal service so I’m am very happy where I am at the moment. I am working full time hours but still have the core day to spend with my son and do the paperwork side. Living the dream.
I first joined bizmums on the first stone meeting. I love the meets for the child friendliness and advice and guidance from the talks and other mums. Most the other members and guest are not within my line of work but still bring in lots ideas for trips, outings and maybe even extra side to my services e.g. I house photos, workshops etc.
Contact: Steph brown 07845094709. steffy_bot@hotmail.com


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