Hi ladies, I’m Katie.
I live in Newport, South Wales with my husband and two children. I’m also a step-mum to three, so life is fairly hectic! I generally work from my home office Mon to Fri and try to spend the weekend with my family. We enjoy travelling, so try to get away at least a few times a year. Some as holidays, sometimes, I’ll work from abroad. I eat too much good food and drink too much wine. I love learning and can often be found with a good self-development book. I’m currently studying NLP and have a Foundation Degree in Social Media.

I currently own a Virtual Assistant business & offer Business Mentoring.
I help female entrepreneurs improve their online presence through social media and associated tasks as a VA. As a mentor I help ladies who feel overwhelmed and all over the place trying to juggle home and business life, become more streamlined. I can help with mindset, getting clarity, give accountability and tutorials on the tech side of things that they are struggling with.

I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. After A Levels there wasn’t a University course that interested me – nothing that said ‘how to be rich!’ So I went off to get a job. That lasted around 9 months before the opportunity arose to become self-employed.
M first real business at age 18 was a sandwich bar. I’ve been working for myself off and on ever since.
With my last business, an eCommerce business that I started from scratch and built up to a multi 6 figure business, I hit a brick wall and found myself feeling overwhelmed, stressed and burnt out.

When I sold it last year I decided I really wanted to help other female entrepreneurs in that same position. Trying to do it all, but feeling like they were juggling too much- trying to keep all the plates in the air!
Initially, I started as a VA to do the actual work for female entrepreneurs- allowing them to outsource what they didn’t enjoy, couldn’t do or didn’t have time for.

This has now started evolving into me offering mentorship too- as I found so many clients were asking to have weekly accountability, wanted brainstorming sessions, asking about mindset and wanting to pick my brains or me show them how to do things- having been there and experienced much of the same trials & tribulations myself.

I love being able to help women who are feeling the way I was. Knowing that I came out the other side and now have a happy well-balanced life, I know they too can achieve that when they have the support around them. I firmly believe in surrounding yourself with positive, inspirational people.
I sometimes struggle with having enough time to fit everything in (usual mum problems) and from time to time the negative committee shows up in my head, giving me a wobble. I usually find some mindset work helps me overcome that and I have daily mindset practices in place to try and keep me in a place where I’m feeling confident and grateful.

Within the next year, I’d like to be purely working as a business mentor with ideal clients, helping them achieve their goals. That in turn helps me achieve mine. I’d like to be completely location independent and work from wherever I like. I want to be financially abundant, giving me the freedom I desire. I’m part of a new evening network meeting idea that is purely for female entrepreneurs and I’m hosting my local monthly meeting. So that is another exciting path for me over the next year. I’m aiming to complete my NLP training over the next 2 months, so I’ll be a fully qualified too. I am looking to organise a retreat for other like-minded ladies to come together and support one another as well as work on their businesses.

I heard about Bizmums through another member and attended for the first time last November. I joined in January and attend at least one meeting per month. I love being surrounded by like-minded ladies who are both inspirational and motivating.



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