My name is Lorna Saunders I am a Mum of 2 very lively boys, Harrison and Archie, who love anything to do with football and cricket.  My husband and I are often like a tag team taking them to their training and matches throughout the week, it is so lovely to watch them being part of a team whilst having fun outdoors. When I’m not running around I love nothing more than spending time with my friends and family with good food and a glass of something nice!

I have been working as a Physiotherapist since 1997 initially with the NHS but once my boys came along and they started school I needed to be more flexible to work around them.  I took the huge decision to leave the NHS after almost 15 years and I started working independently. Then in April 2017 I started my business Positive Steps Physiotherapy and over the last 12 months business has continued to grow and I now employ 2 amazing Physiotherapy Assistants.  Positive Steps specialises in treating children with a wide variety of difficulties, whether its little ones not meeting their milestones, children in pain after sport or children with more complex learning and physical disabilities.  We also treat adults who have suffered a life changing neurological illness such as a Stroke or brain injury and ensure they can become as independent as possible.

My family is my inspiration and I am constantly striving for that perfect work life balance! Being my own boss does allow me to be at school plays, sports days and assemblies and I can be flexible in the school holidays.  My boys are growing up so fast I want to be there for the special moments!

I am able to ease people’s pain, help them achieve goals they never thought possible what could be better than that!  Watching a child take their first steps when their parents thought they may never walk is amazing, but the tiny little achievements that we see every day are just as special!

Juggling everything and remembering to take time out for me is definitely a huge challenge.  Making time for the business side of things is also hard, if one of my client’s needs an extra appointment that always seems more important, but I’m starting to see the benefits of having my 2 assistants on board so that’s great.

I would love to find a like-minded Physiotherapist to come and work for me over the next 12 months as then we can help more and more people, which is ultimately what it’s all about. I would also love to find suitable premises in the future as we currently rent a small clinic room as well as being out and about in the community. A larger more inspiring room would be great, I already have visions of how it could look and how much more we could do.

Through Facebook and I thought it looked like a great support group where I could learn more about running a business whilst getting our name out there to more people.  I am really looking forward to attending more events and getting to know Mums in a similar situation to me. Maybe then I will find that balance I have been looking for!

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