The Summer of Freedom Mastermind

Learn how to create freedom in your business THIS summer. 2017 is your year to earn money in your business AND enjoy time with your children guilt free. Join this collaborative, challenging and exciting group and discover the secrets to freedom.

What is the FREEDOM SUMMER Mastermind Group?

2 x 90 minute zoom calls facilitated by Lisa Barry, Online Visibility Coach and Copwriter and Michelle Childs, Founder of BizMums. We will bring a synergy of energy and commitment for you to set intentions and implement practical strategies that will enable you to set up your summer of freedom. Expect support from women who are on the same journey as you. Expect honesty, respect and compassion in this judgement free zone.

Who is this mastermind for:

Spaces are limited this June and real commitment is required, 20 spots are reserved for highly motivated women only who are ready for this next step in their business. This mastermind group is for women in their second or more year in business, ready to let their desire and passion for a summer of FREEDOM overcome their fear of change.

Enter the simple application process. Apply to connect, share, grow and create freedom in 2017 in this collaborative, challenging and exciting group.

What to expect from the FREEDOM Mastermind Group

Tap into the experience and skills of pioneering women.

Design things to be the way you want them to be, not as you’ve been told they “should” be. We will show you how 2017 can really be your summer of freedom; it is not too late if you act now!

Virtual High Fives + Happy Dances

Your husband may not get it, but we do! Come celebrate reaching big and empowering business milestones with people who understand and relate to what you’re going through.

Exclusive Member Trainings.

We invite guest experts to share their knowledge with the group. You’ll have the opportunity to join these FREE live trainings, or view the recording at a later time.

No Judgement Zone

This is a safe space for you to ask for the help you need without shame, or fear of judgement. Trust you’ll get the answers you need from other mum’s in business that have #beentheredonethat

Network with online influencers + make genuine connections.

This is the place to collaborate, spark new ideas + friendships. We all need our “business besties” — this is the place to meet yours.

Accountability and real progress.

We share powerful insightful trainings + 1:1 guidance where needed. This collaborative space will challenge you to take action towards creating your summer of freedom. You don’t have to do it by yourself!

What makes you unique.

Support from women that you’ve made the right decisions and are taking the right actions to achieve your goals. How to identify and talk about what makes you unique, so you can distinguish yourself from the thousands of people who are just like you. If you want to create a summer of freedom we will show you your unique possibilities.

``Working with Michelle has completely transformed my business, she offers a unique combination of sound business advice and mindset work that have allowed me to break through blocks and achieve my goals. I cannot be thankful enough!``

 – Lisa

What You’ll Get When You Join the Mastermind

The Mastermind starts week commencing 4th June:

Session One - 90 Minutes

Learn the secret to creating freedom in your business this summer and how your unique design will define how you can best achieve this. We will start the creation of your Freedom Summer Plan

Session 2 - 90 Minutes

Learn the next level strategy that will set you apart from anyone else in your industry and we will complete your Freedom Summer Plan

Freedom Summer Mastermind Facebook Support Group

Connect with the other members of the mastermind and access support from Lisa & Michelle


Please Read These

Rules Before Joining.

Be Kind, Respectful, and Helpful

Be generous with your expertise, empathy, and understanding. Treat others with respect + kindness. We’re here to support one another. If you post asking for help, please also try to answer a question from someone else.

No Peacocking or Sharing Unsolicited Advice

We love giving out virtual high-fives around here, but long braggadocios stories give us that “ick” feeling. Same thing goes for posting “tips of the day” or posting unsolicited advice in the group. We know you’re awesome at what you do + have SO much to offer….we just want you to find the right place to do it so your contribution can truly be appreciated!


``I am so happy that I've signed up for this course. Lisa is a fabulous mentor. She opened my eyes for the things I never thought about. My business started growing from the first session with her. Lisa helped me to feel more confident and believe in myself. I'm so happy to work with her``

 – Justyna


Hey there, I’m Michelle

My name’s Michelle, I am mum to 3 beautiful children, Harrison who is 7, Izzy who is 2 1/2 and Poppy who is 17 months. Just before I became pregnant with Izzy I decided that I didn’t want to return to my job after my maternity leave and was going to use my maternity leave to start a business.

I knew my passion and skills were in coaching and helping others to get clear on their dreams and ambitions but I had no idea how I was going to turn this into a business!

I wasn’t enjoying my job and just like so many other mums the thought of leaving my baby with a stranger when I went back to work was something that I wasn’t prepared to have to deal with. Setting up on my own was my only option.

I started taking action, speaking to people about my ambitions and things fell into place. At that time almost 5 years ago I had no idea that the business I would set up would become a national networking organisation supporting 1000’s of mums in business all across the UK!

Hey there, I'm Lisa

I am a copywriter and online visibility coach, I work with fellow mums in business helping them to uplevel by connecting with their ideal client.

I absolutely love working with words, they are the building blocks that bind us as people. It is essential that businesses understand the power of superb content, without it, they are just feeling blindly in the dark hoping new customers will find them.

I have been on a huge transformational journey myself since starting my business nearly 5 years ago and after learning new online strategies and breaking through my own mindset blocks I recently doubled my income in 3 months I am passionate about helping other fierce ambitious women understand that they can do it too.

Patricia Routely

“I really enjoyed my sessions with Lisa very professional and the small tasks set can easily be achieved . Lisa has really made me focus on my business. She is so friendly and welcoming, it does not feel like a work call. Thank you Lisa… ”

This marketing strategy is working!

I have been working with Michelle for some time now and her help and support has been invaluable.

I knew nothing about business when I first started and Michelle has helped me to navigate my way and craft my business into what it is today.

I don’t know where I would be without her!

Tara Louise

Angela Georgiou

Kiki Jewellery

OMG This is fantastic stuff!

“If it wasn’t for BizMums & Michelle then I wouldn’t be where I am today with my business. It has made me believe in myself, & meeting like minded mums in business has given me the strength to pursue my life long dreams”

Professional advice and support that is applicable to my business

I have applied all this teaching and it’s working! Very excited!

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