This exercise is to help you get super organised in your life and business! You need to download and print out these : Weekly Task planner Weekly Planner

 1 – Work out EXACTLY what time you have available

 Take your weekly planner and plan in the activities, commitments, appointments etc. you have for this week.

Do you have client appointments? School runs to do? After school clubs? Your hobbies?

Plan all these in

2 – Work out EXACTLY what you NEED to do this week

On a blank piece of paper brainstorm all the things that you have in your head that you know you need to, have to or would like to get done that week. Take a good 5 – 10 mins to do this include things such as your day to day work tasks, accounts and admin, any specific project deadlines that you have to meet, any preparation for projects that you have.

Prioritise! – This is the time to be ruthless! 

Out of these tasks what HAS to be done. These are the types of tasks that if you don’t get done they will lose you business or cost you money. So it could be work for a client that has a specific deadline in the next couple of weeks, paying a bill, a meeting or booking etc. It HAS to get done or else there will be serious consequences. Write these tasks in the have to space.

Next is what NEEDS to be done. These are things that if for some reason they don’t get done then there wouldn’t be any major implications but it is beneficial for your business that they get done at some point. Eg. Writing and sending a newsletter to your mailing list, scheduling social media posts, accounts and admin. Write these tasks in the need to space.

Finally what you would LIKE to get done. Things such as a webinar you would like to watch, updating your website with non urgent content, writing a series of blog posts etc. it would be really nice if you could get these done but they could wait until September. Write these in the like to space.

Even getting all this out of your head and onto paper can be a massive relief so enjoy this task.

3 – Know exactly what you are going to do and when you are going to do it! 

So far we have worked out what time we have available and what we need to do now is all about putting that together. When you are a mum time is very precious so it is very important that we are maximising that time. Knowing exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it will help to prevent you from wasting time ‘faffing’ around and spending the first 10 minutes figuring out what you need to do.

  •  Highlight on your planner when you are going to have ‘work time’ this might be first thing in the morning before the kids wake up, during the day while they are at school or nursery or in the evening.
  • Take your list of tasks and starting with the ones that you HAVE to do slot them into the work time that you have allocated.
  • Next fill in the NEED to tasks and then if you have any spaces left the would LIKE to tasks

4 – Be flexible

While it is great to have a plan in place things won’t always go as you’d like them to, kids may get sick, people may let you down and you may not get what you had planned to done when you had planned to. But the beauty of this plan is that even if things do go a bit skew whiff you know what it is that you haven’t done so you can reschedule them into one of your blank spaces. Look at your plan and make sure that you have enough breathing space just in case things don’t go to plan

5 – Take Action

Now you know what you need to do and when you’re going to do it, the rest is up to you! All the planning in the world won’t progress your business unless you take the action necessary but now that you’re super organised there’s nothing stopping you!!

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