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Top Ten Tips

1. Get your profile right – write a keyword rich headline and make it interesting!

2. Make a list of keywords and search terms that you can build into your summary

3. Research your connections – who are they? Be targeted in who you look for and connect to

4. Personalise your invitation emails – tell people why you want to connect

5. Take it one step further – arrange a phone call/meeting

6. Be helpful – offer advice and tips, connect people

7. Be targeted and focussed – set time aside to make LinkedIn work for you – have a goal in mind – what do you want to achieve?

8. Try and refresh your recommendations every six months

9. Set up a company page and list your services

10. Use your database of LinkedIn connections (extract contacts into Excel)

 Before you start adding to/updating your profile:

• Turn off your activity broadcasts
• Select who can see your activity (only you)
• Change your profile to anonymous for when you view other peoples’ profiles

  • Fill with keywords
  • Use headings
  • Tell your story
  • Show your personality
  • Showcase your expertise

List your skills and experience

Manage your skills and expertise (max 50):

  • add skills relevant to you
  • delete skills not relevant added by others

Status updates

  • Give advice
  • Link to interesting content relative to your industry
  • Help to connect people
  • Advertise your job vacancies
  • Share your latest news/blog posts/press releases
  • Ask for help/advice
  • Talk about projects you’re currently working on
  • Link to websites
  • Link to contacts
  • Use keywords

Add a company page

From your profile home page:

  • Click interest
  • Select companies
  • Add a company
  • Add list of products and services
  • Update as your business

Finally ….

  • Stay focussed
  • Have a goal/set plan in mind
  • Use it as a business/sales tool
  • Remember that it helps to boost SEO
  • Enjoy using LinkedIn and don’t stress if you go a week or two without updating!

Thanks to Carol Owen of the Marketing Room who spoke at our Codsall meetup

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