Bookkeeping isn’t the most exciting activity, but it is necessary and legally required.

Stop putting it off and Commence Operation Brownie!

Here’s your quick guide for How To Get Your Bookkeeping Done Easily.

1. Be honest with yourself.
Look at your schedule, your preferences, your life commitments and what would feel best. If you
know you won’t be able to do it every month like clockwork, setting that as a goal is leading to
failure. Try doing it every 3 months.

2. Schedule an hour to review your bookkeeping system.
February and March is ideal for this. Does how you keep your records work for you? Is it confusing
or overwhelming? Do you understand it? Make a note of what doesn’t feel easy and good to you,
and schedule an action to change that.

3. Find out what you need to keep an extra eye on.
Businesses vary, so check the situation for your business and working circumstances. There are a
few things needing extra care: eg. stock counting at the end of the year (if you sell products), cross
year expenses and payments, and which year to allocate payment (or not getting paid!).

4. Understand which costs are expenses or capital items, what these are, and which are
This is often different for each business, so it needs looking at so you understand. You can change
your bookkeeping to make it a lot easier to keep your accounts and do your tax return, and claim the
right expenses.

5. Have a brownie.
Retrain your brain to associate bookkeeping with something you enjoy. Have a special treat,
whether it’s music, a brownie or a glass of wine. I have DVDs of 1980s sitcoms in the background,
and enjoy a very dark chocolate brownie when I’ve finished.

Which one action do you need to do to make your bookkeeping easier?
Schedule it in your diary now. It might be looking at your records, learning more about what’s
taxdeductible, or finding out what help is available. Give me a buzz if you’d like to know about how
to put any of this into practice into your life and business: we can have a chat, no charge, and see
what would help.

About the Author

Rosie Slosek runs One Man Band Accounting, supporting one man bands in the UK with
hassle and fearfree tax returns and practical business advice, with a home made brownie for every

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