GOALS should be SMART Specific Measureable Achievable Realistic Time-framed

But they should also be


And make you feel


If your Goal doesn’t make your heart sing or float your boat it becomes an obligation a SMART obligation but an obligation all the same.

Look for the Big Fat Audacious option.
Look for something that is going to set you FREE.
Live your goals on the FREE way.

Having a free goal means you are really connected with that goal and the path you are taking. Who said being a grownup had to be so serious?

We encourage our kids to have fun, find excitement and enjoy today. Should we take a dose of that advice?

We talk about life balance especially as mums and business owners striving for that illusive balance the magic formula that will create serenity, peace and a stress free existence but what is balance?

Imagine taking your kids to the playground sitting them on a seesaw and telling them to keep totally still, not allowing any movement.  All in order to stay BALANCED.

Imagine your life and goals are that seesaw. Try to stay balanced no movement no energy expelled and no progression.
Now recall the excitement of the seesaw the ups the downs the thrills and spills balance but in a fun way!

We do have grown up obligations and we do have stresses and strains so bring a bit of FREEDOM into your everyday life.

FOREVER – Is the goal something that you will have energy for? If things don’t quite go according to plan are you going to dig deep smile and say what’s next? It’s all about attitude and application, heading in the right direction.

REVELLING – Does your goal make you want to look for the next chapter, the next stage, the next obstacle, or the next solution? When working on your plan will you revel in the excitement of the chase or backtrack because it just doesn’t feel right?

EXCITEMENT – Think about your goal close your eyes and imagine being there that sense of achievement that smile across your face.  Who is sharing the success with you? What are you seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling. Lock that excitement in and prepare to enjoy the ride.

EVERYDAY – Be prepared to do a little bit or a huge amount to work towards your goal every day. Think about it does your goal make you want to jump into the next day, hour, or minute working towards that exciting moment when your goal comes to fruition? If it does it’s a FREE goal and you will be well on your way to taking the next steps to FREEDOM

Once you have your goal you need to embark upon the DOM step.


Start that movement and you will be living your life, propelled into true FREEDOM.

bw smile

Elaine Mitchell is a life coach based in Sheffield working with Mums in business and kids who stress. Helping them find enjoyment in every day, moments of serenity, bags of confidence and lots of laughs along the way.



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