This blog is about my journey and experience of being in business and how opportunities come along to change your goals, meaning you let things go and how that’s OK!

I started my business over 5 years ago, with the goal of being a holistic therapist and working school hours supporting clients on their wellness journey. However, when my son started school I noticed he wasn’t coping very well, plus there was a lot of sibling rivalry between them which frankly drained me completely!

So I looked at holistic tools which could support him and my daughter. I became a Relax Kids Coach and qualified in flower remedies and later on a SleepTalk Accredited Consultant. All tools that I use with my own family to this day. I realised that if we were struggling then other Mums and children would be too, so I started marketing these elements within my Cariad Therapies business.

However, it was all rather confusing. At BizMums meetings people wouldn’t really understand what I did (reflexology, Relax Kids and reiki?!). So although I was following my passion, I hadn’t got my marketing clear for either myself or my business. At the same time I had also joined a therapy centre and was co-running it, so doing hands on therapies, running workshops and my Women’s Circle for Spiritual Development. I was getting exhausted managing different elements and not earning much at an hourly rate when everything taken into consideration!

About a year ago I decided that the therapies weren’t my passion and co-running the centre was not filling my cup up as much as it once had. So I handed in my notice at the centre, with a view of running my Women’s Circle, focusing on Create Family Calm business and online programs. I gave up something that 2 years before I wanted so much, it had been my goal, but now my true passion was ignited and it didn’t include the old. So I walked away and it’s not a decision I made lightly but it was so the right one for me! I feel lighter and have more freedom to run the workshops that I want to, and not get exhausted hands from multiple reflexology sessions!

When we start in business those first aims and goals are so important to drive us forward – there’s no boss to be accountable to, so you have to motivate and drive yourself! As we move forward through time we get clearer about what we love to do (and what we don’t love so much). Even though sometimes this is the bread & butter of our business we decide to walk away to follow our new dream. We need to let go of the old to let the new in.

Now I run a successful online business of spiritual development groups, meditation courses and online monthly memberships. Plus a thriving network marketing business as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate (essential oils). I’m not committed to earning to pay the rent anywhere, I have freedom in my business and my income is rising as I follow my passion.

To share my key learnings:

– Set your goals and dreams, but don’t be afraid to change or tweak them if another opportunity comes along that sparks your joy

– Get clear on what you are offering – if you aren’t clear then no one else will understand it either (nor will they spend any time getting to understand it, even if you think it might help them!)

– When systems, opportunities, people or situations change, then review and know it’s OK to take a new direction

– You have to let the old go in order to bring in the new

– Follow your passion, you need a driver that will motivate you through the ups and downs of being self-employed

– Go with the flow, don’t try and paddle upstream (unless you really need to!)

– Don’t waste your energy on those who don’t understand your business, criticise or who judge you – that’s their stuff and not yours!

– Be grateful for all that you have and building the business that is perfect for you

With love and clarity,


Romella is an author and award winning practitioner based in Newport Shropshire and available online. Business focus includes with her Create Family Calm business, Romella (balance, calm & connection) and essential oils dōTERRA wellness advocate.

Key words for business  – empower – spiritual connection – balance – calm – connection – energy

Books are available from amazon – search ”Romella” :

– Balance and Calm Toolkit for Frazzled Mums

– Balance and Calm Toolkit to Create Family Calm


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