We’re 3 today! Hurray!

3 years ago today we had our very first BizMums Meetup in Shrewsbury. It’s been a whirlwind 3 years that have seen us grow from 3 monthly meetups in Shrewsbury, Telford and Wrexham to over 80 all across the UK! Supporting and inspiring 100’s of mums in business along the way. I’ve learnt a lot in past 3 years, these 3 things are what I believe has made BizMums what it is today…………


My vision 3 years ago remains the same to day, to support and inspire mums that they can work for themselves, flexibly around their children, doing something that they enjoy and are passionate about. Not having to compromise their lifestyle or time with their children, it is possible to have both! I’m proud that we achieve that vision on a daily basis and look forward to supporting and inspiring many more mums over the coming years.

Sharing this vision and my ambitions of how I wanted BizMums to grow attracted many of Team BizMums to want to get involved and to help BizMums grow and extend the support that we offer.

Success team

We now have a team of Regional Coordinators, Area Coordinators and Hosts who create amazing opportunities for mums in business to get together, access support and grow their businesses. BizMums couldn’t run with out them and along the way I have met many other women who have supported and helped me.

Working for yourself can be very lonely, it can be very hard sometimes and there have been many times when I felt like giving up. Having my ‘support team’ of positive, inspiring friends to pick me back up and remind me of how far we’ve come and what we’ve achieved has been the difference between carrying on and giving it all up!


I have always been and always will be very passionate about helping mums in business to be successful in their businesses. I’m very proud that in the past 3 years BizMums has helped to support many mums who might not still be in business today without us and the connections we have helped them to make. I love what I do soooo much, I live and breathe BizMums, If I won  the lottery on Saturday I wouldn’t change anything about my life, apart from perhaps living in a bigger house and wearing fancier clothes 🙂 I would still spend just as much time running BizMums as I do now. I love the people I get to meet and the difference we make in other peoples lives. This love and passion is infectious and makes other people want to be part of it too. If you have that for your own business it will have the same affect.


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