Today is Baby Poppy’s 1st Birthday!

Baby Poppy Birthday

It’s been a lovely family day of celebration and tonight I’m having a little celebration myself.

I was already ‘full time’ self employed when I had Poppy as I was able to leave my old job after my maternity leave with Izzy who is now 2. Had I still been employed I would now be facing that heart wrenching proposition of having to leave my baby to go back to work.

So tonight I’m celebrating that I’ve done it! I’ve survived Poppy’s first year while running 2 (3 at one point!) businesses and having a toddler and Harrison who is now 6!

It’s not been easy by any means but sitting here tonight knowing that I can be there for my baby for as long as she needs me to be makes it all worth while. If you’re on maternity leave or pregnant I hope that my story inspires you to know that it is achievable!

I’ve worked very very hard over the past 3 years to make this happen but as well as that I truly believe that these 3 key things have helped me the most:

Have a strong WHY!! 

My why was sooo strong when I started BizMums, I was so determined that I wasn’t going to have to go back to that job I hated so much that I was prepared to do anything to make it work. I started up my second business while I was on maternity leave and between that and BizMums I achieved my dream! Now my WHY has grown and now I want to get my businesses to the level that Tim can change his job and become a full time football coach, which is his passion. This would give him more time at home as currently he works full time and coaches part time. Having him at home more will make a massive difference to our family life and is a huge motivator for me!

Be open to opportunities

The business that you’re running now might not be ‘the thing’ that brings you instant success. Something’s take longer than other’s but that doesn’t mean that you need to write it off or give up completely. When I was on maternity leave with Izzy I could see that BizMums wasn’t bringing in the level of income for me that I needed to replace my full time job so I set up my second business which is running a community magazine in my local town. I found inspiration in a book I was reading by someone who had set up something similar years before. There was nothing like it in my town and I felt that it could work. It took a big stretch of my comfort zone but using my big WHY as my motivator I made it work. If I hadn’t of been open to a new opportunity then I might not have found that inspiration and started that new business.

Get Organised

Having a baby can be tricky, running a business is definitely tricky so combine the two and you need to get yourself organised. When I was in the early stages of pregnancy with Poppy, feeling rough as anything and also having Izzy at home things were very hard. I had to make sure I had a super clear to-do list every week so that at any opportunity I had where I had time or a clear enough head to work I could. I still continue this now, as to be honest baby brain is well and truly set in and with a toddler fully in the midst of the terrible two’s things haven’t got much easier! So I have a white board on my desk that I write down ten minute tasks that I can do when I snatch some time!


No matter how old your children are these tips are always relevant. It is hard running a business no matter what stage you’re at and I have the up most respect for all mums who have taken their destiny into their own hands and are working on their own dreams instead of someone else’s. If you’re still at the stage where you’re juggling your business and a job then double respect to you, I’ve been there, I know how frustrating it can be but keep going and keep focused on your BIG dreams and you will get there!

Michelle xxxx

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