As I’m sure you can imagine I am a massive fan of networking but that hasn’t always been the case.

3 years ago….

A little over 3 years ago I hadn’t even heard of networking! I was introduced to the concept by a colleague who suggested that it would be a good way of promoting the health and wellness business that I was then working for, curiously I agreed to go along. I remember that day so well! I had to get up very early as the event was a breakfast meeting starting at 7.30am and was over an hour away from where I lived. Harrison my little boy was 3 at the time and luckily had been able to have a sleepover at nannys so I just had myself to get up and get ready. I drove down the motorway feeling very anxious and pulled into the golf club car park. I had visions in my head of a room full of men in suits and feeling very out of place, my stomach was in knots as I walked up the stairs.

She hugged me!!

As I reached the top of the stairs I was greeted by a lady who hugged me! Yes hugged me! Not the formal handshake that I had been prepared for! She instantly made me feel at ease, explaining the format of the event and introduicing me to some of the people already there. Yes there were men in suits but they weren’t at all scary and were actually really interested in me and my business and offering lots of ways that they could help! It was a breakfast meeting so everyone took there seats and breakfast was served. Then the dreaded 60 second pitches began. I was about half way round the table, luckily ¬†Ihad been pre warned that this would be happening so I had something prepared but never the less was completly terified. Nervously I attempted to eat my breakfast while listening to the other pitches but all I could thnk of was what I was going to say! My turn cam round and I had to stand up, I said my piece and everyone smiled and listened attentively, one of the other attendees had heard of the company that I was representing and gave a testimonial of how good the products were! What a result! I was so happy!

I left that first networking event on cloud 9, I had a renewed confidence in my business and in my own skills. I didn’t make any sales and I don’t think I ever spoke to any one at that event after it but it didn’t matter I had the networking bug, I was hooked!

After that first event I found many more networking events and got wise to how networking worked, I made some great contacts of which some have developed into great friends and from these experiences created my own business! I beleive that networking can benefit anyone and any business as long as you go about it the right way and understand what it’s all about. We’ll be exploring more about this in the coming month and learning some techniques to get the best from networking!

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See to you soon

Michelle x

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