I must admit, I have struggled with how to write this post – every time I try a cliché appears but I delight in sharing with you that this time, it’s true. You do not need to put your business on hold; this summer you can spend quality time with your kids, guilt free and still make money! The best part is this doesn’t have to be a pipedream for years down the line, it can happen now, in 2017 and we will show you how in our free mastermind class.

I started my business 5 years ago because I didn’t want to go back to work after my second baby and leave her and my little boy who was just starting school. I was searching for the perfect work/life balance and I really believed that running my own business was going to give it to me.

I soon realised being self-employed was hard work but 5 years and another baby down the line, my business is finally flourishing. I strived to create a balanced life and most of the time I feel in control, until the school holidays!

In previous summers my business has suffered badly. Trying to juggle everything left me feeling like a failure. My bank balance would take a hit and so would our quality of life. I couldn’t even take a decent holiday because I didn’t have the time or money.

The worst part of it all was the guilt; I would feel guilty If I spent too much time working but equally guilty if I spent too much time with my kids.

I was not prepared to live that way anymore. I had to take action. I started to learn about new online strategies that would make it possible to earn money while building sandcastles on the beach. I learnt how to create passive income streams and set up an automated process that meant the hard work could be done in term time and the holidays could be reserved for my kids.

No guilt, no second best, no sacrifices; just a summer holiday of true freedom.

I know it works. I recently went on holiday with my family and despite not working; my membership business club actually grew. I made money without being there.

This summer I will do the same. Will you join me?

Freedom to be present

When you are juggling motherhood and business it can be hard to be truly present in either. Children grow so quickly, they will never be this age again. As I watched my children grow, I knew I needed to create income streams in my business which would enable me to make money while I slept. If I only worked for an hourly rate I would never be free.

There are many ways this is possible and however you chose to approach this, it is the integral ingredient in creating a summer of freedom and allowing you to be fully present with your kids while they are young enough to still want you around.

Freedom to spend money

If your business is taking a back seat in the holidays then your finances will too. Lack of money impacts on all aspects of life and the holidays are expensive, even a day at the park can create a haemorrhage in your bank account! Having to say no to your kids and miss out on holidays is frustrating especially when you are working so hard the rest of the year.

Part of creating a system that will work for you is targeting your high end ideal client. There is a great tool in the back end of Facebook that is an incredibly efficient way to identify potential customers who have money to spend.  Unfortunately most people haven’t even discovered this yet but I can show you how you can use this effectively on the mastermind.

Freedom for business growth

After a holiday of juggling, getting back into work in September can feel like an uphill struggle. It is hard to manage the uncertainty, face the reality of lost clients and feel motivated again after your business growth has come to a standstill.

2017 has seen amazing changes in online business tactics but not everyone knows about them yet. Those that do are using a secret blog strategy to grow their business to limitless levels. The concept defies the myth that to be effective online you need to be blogging daily which for busy mums can feel overwhelming and unrealistic. This blogging strategy becomes the main driver of traffic to your sales page. This carefully crafted ‘read magnet’ put in front of a targeted audience is the magic combination that converts more than 5 times better than your average Facebook ad.

Put the right work in before and your business CAN keep growing without you.

Freedom to switch off

As we strive to have it all, mums in business are in very real risk of burnout. Not giving yourself permission to switch off is stressful and could even make you ill. What use are you to your business or your children if you run yourself into the ground?

This is why automated systems that can be set up prior to a holiday give you back the power and control. You don’t have to worry; you can finally relax for the first time knowing everything is working to make you money.

Apply for the free mastermind course now and learn how to put these automated systems in place for summer 2017

Have the freedom now

My recent family holiday proves that this can be done, I set my sales funnel up in less than 6 weeks and came home to 12 new members. This meant I had a bigger bank balance at the end of my holiday than I went away with!

The summer holidays are around the corner but it is not too late. You still have time to make this happen for you. I have teamed up with the talented Content Writer and Online Visibility coach Lisa Barry for this mastermind, together we will take you through the steps you need to take to make 2017 your guilt free summer of freedom. I have years of experience creating passive income and helping women to create products and services that sell, Lisa can help you market these amazing services by creating content that connects with your high end ideal client. Between us, we are offering you the skills and knowledge that will change more than your summer, after working with us; you will have the tools to create a guilt free life of freedom.

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