For the busy business mum there aren’t enough hours in the day.

The impact is that we don’t get done all that we want to, so we can feel unproductive, overwhelmed, stressed. Does this have to happen? Can you achieve more from your time, finishing the day with a sense of accomplishment? Yes, by using the 4D model to plan your day.

It’s a typical busy day and you have lots of things to do.  How can you ensure you spend time most wisely and effectively?  Where do you start?

1. Decide what to DUMP

Which tasks do not need to be done?

People and organisations often do things because they have done them in the past, not always because they are necessary.

So for every task ask

  • What is the payback for doing it?
  • What would happen if it didn’t get done?


Which tasks can you delegate/outsource? 

Time is best spent on value added high skill activities not those that are low value added or could be done more efficiently/effectively by someone else.

So for every task ask

  • Can I delegate/outsource the task?
  • All of it?  Some of it?
  • What is the purpose of delegating/outsourcing?
  • Am I delegating/outsourcing for the right reasons, that it, by delegating am I using the organisations resources more effectively?

3. Decide what to DEFER

It’s time effective to do similar tasks together, and at a time that best suits the task.

So for every task ask

  • When is the best time to do it?  When I’m most alert or not?
  • Which tasks are similar so that I can do them at the same time?

4. Decide what to DO

For tasks that you do, it’s important that you get the maximum return from your time investment.

So for every task ask

  • How long do I spend on it?
  • Is there any way of streamlining the task so I could do it more effectively/efficiently?
  • How can I get the maximum return on investment from the task?

About Krista

Krista Powell Edwards
With over 30 years business experience, 17 years working as an independent consultant, a certified trainer and Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and with a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management, Krista Powell Edwards is an expert in her field. Krista helps individuals, teams and organisations enhance their performance, so they have confidence and credibility, are effective and achieve their objectives. So they know it and show they know it.

How Krista works with clients:-

  • In designing and delivering bespoke ‘In Company’ training and development programmes, with support to transfer and embed learning,
  • By designing and delivering Open programmes,
  • By facilitating team working and team building events so that teams and departments know what they need to know and deliver what they need to deliver.

To discuss further how Krista can assist you, contact her on 01978 753026 or by email:

For further information, free resources, plus details of our pro bono work, Making a Positive Impact, visit the web site

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