Writing an interesting blog post is very important if you want to attract new business. You should always keep your target audience in mind. Blog posts are a great way to promote any offers you have or any changes to your business that you would like your clients and potential clients to know about.

Here are a few tips on attracting followers and subscribers to your blog.


The title of your post is extremely important. It needs to be interesting while giving a hint of what your post is about. If your title is boring, your potential readers won’t read any further.


These are a great way to break up a long text and keep a good pace. If your post looks like an essay then it can be off putting. Subheadings are also good if you have a few points to get across. It will mean they don’t get lost in a long piece of writing. Readers will also be able to pick out what is important to them.

Keep your posts relevant. Cut out any unnecessary words. The ideal blog post should be around 350-500 words.


Photographs can bring another dimension to your post and make it stand out. It will also help your post to stand out in your followers news feed. It’s not always true that a picture is worth a 1000 words, but it will enhance your post significantly.


Interacting with your audience is very important. If a reader feels that you are unapproachable then they probably won’t read any of your future posts.

Where possible make your posts educational. If they can help others then you are likely to build up a good following. Also ask your readers for their opinions and encourage them to comment on your posts.


Adding tags to your posts will increase its visibility on search engines such as Google. If your post is about cooking then adding tags like cooking, baking, oven times, ingredients, mixing and any others you can think of, will mean that if someone searches for any of these words then your post will come up in their results.


Sharing your posts on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and encouraging others to so will also increase your visibility. Twitter is a great platform to share on as people will retweet your posts meaning it could be seen by thousands of people all over the world.

Many thanks to Natalie Roberts for our first Guest Blog Post!

About the Author
Natalie Roberts is a mum to Evan age 7 and Abbie age 3. She is also a freelance Copywriter,  magazine features writer and product reviewer based in Wrexham,  North Wales.

You can contact Natalie by emailing her at natalieroberts2@live.co.uk  and on Twitter @Natalieroberts1.
You can see examples of her work at www.natalieroberts.net.

Natalie Roberts | Freelance copywriter

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