Congratulations you’ve been nominated for a BizMums award! What an fantastic email to receive, but what happens now? How can you use this as an opportunity to put you and your business in the spotlight?

  1. Share on your social media that you’ve been nominated, on your business and personal profile. You will receive a nominees badge that you can use as your profile picture and on your website
  2. Tell your friends and family, these are often the people that need the most validation that you are doing well and being nominated for an award is a good way to prove that to them
  3. Write a press release and send it in to your local and on-line press. The media love a good news story and being nominated for an award is top of that category especially if you can share your story and how you have overcome any challenges that you have face along your business journey. ‘Mumprenuers’ are a very topical subject at the moment so make the most of this opportunity
  4. Add to your nomination. Your entry will be judged solely on the information that the judges have in front of them, so it is very important that you give them everything they need to see how fantastic you and your business are. Read my ‘Top tips for writing a BizMums award nomination’ to make sure your entry really does you justice.

If you haven’t entered the awards yet or you would like to nominate a friend, there is still time, entry’s are open until 30th August so get nominating NOW!

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