We are currently recruiting for Regional Co-Ordinators, Area Co-Ordinators, hosts and a new role of business builder to join the BizMums team. BizMums has experienced rapid growth over the past 2 years and is now looking for positive, motivated ladies with existing businesses to join the team and to help expand the support available. If you are interested in joining the BizMums team please email support@bizmums.biz for an application form.

Benefits of joining the BizMums Team

  • Increased confidence
  • Increased trust and credibility
  • Grow a strong network
  • Generous incentive programme

Area Co-Ordinator Role Responsibilities

Manage a minimum of 4 groups

Responsibilities per group
  • Set up event on event management system and Facebook
  • Support hosts for each event – check that they have a speaker, members showcase etc. be available to cover in their absence
  • Actively look to set up new groups and hosts upto a maximum of 10 groups
  • Promote and be main admin for Facebook group for area group
  • Manage online networking for area group

Current Area Co-Ordinator opportunities

We are currently recruiting  in the following areas :







East Midlands

For an application form please email support@bizmums.biz

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