Why come to a BizMums meetup?

  • Promote your business
  • Make new business friends
  • Showcase and get feedback on your ideas
  • Learn new skills from our guest speakers

What happens at a meetup?

  • The first half an hour is for informal chatting and allowing for those running a bit late (we’re mum’s we know things don’t always go to plan ūüôā ! )
  • The host of the event will give a brief introduction and share any news from BizMums HQ
  • Everyone gets the chance to say who they are and what they do, no time limits or pressure to give a perfected pitch, say as much or as little as you feel comfortable.
  • One of our BizMums members gets the opportunity to give a ‘members showcase’ where they can talk about their business, demonstrate and share products for upto 5 minutes
  • We then have a short talk on our ‘Spotlight’ subject of the month from a local expert and the opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have on that subject
  • There is then more chance for more informal chatting and getting to know each other.

Come along to meet other local mums in business in a relaxed friendly environment. At our meetups you have the opportunity to introduce yourself and tell the group a little more about what you do. At each event we also have a short talk on our spotlight of the month theme. You can find out what that will be here. We hold our daytime meetups in child friendly locations so that those with pre-school children can bring them along. A lot of our members have older children but enjoy BizMums for it’s supportive, relaxed, fun but informative environment.

Here are our July Meetups


Shrewsbury Daytime             Wednesday 2nd 10am       BOOK HERE

Shropshire Online                   Thursday 3rd  8pm           BOOK HERE

Northwich                                Friday 4th 10.30am          BOOK HERE

Cheshire Online                      Saturday 5th 8pm             BOOK HERE

Staffordshire Evening            Monday 2nd 7.30pm         BOOK HERE

Chester                                      Tuesday 8th 10am          BOOK HERE

Telford Evening                      Weds 9th 7.30pm            BOOK HERE

Oswestry                                   Thursday 10th 10am        BOOK HERE

Newcastle Under Lyme        Friday 11th 10.30am        BOOK HERE

Shrewsbury Evening             Tuesday 15th 7.30pm      BOOK HERE

Telford                                    Tuesday 15th 10.30am     BOOK HERE

Wrexham                                Thursday 17th 10am        BOOK HERE

Stone                                         Thursday 17th 10.30am  BOOK HERE

Codsall                                     Friday 18th 10am             BOOK HERE

Warrington                              Monday 21st 10.30am    BOOK HERE

Ellesmere Port                      Tuesday 22nd 9.30am       BOOK HERE

Crewe                                        Weds 23rd 10.30am          BOOK HERE

Hull                                          Weds 23rd 10.30am          BOOK HERE

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