M I N D S E T  M O N T H

If you are a BizMum who can help the other BizMums with their Mindset please post who you are, what you do and links to your website/facebook page in the comments so other members can connect with you <3

Without having the right mindset being successful in business is very difficult. All great leaders and successful entrepreneurs attribute a large part of their success to having a positive mindset, always open to learning and improvement.

This is just as important for BizMums especially when we are so busy and have so many other things going on. We may also have to deal with not so supportive friends and family who perhaps don’t quite ‘get’ what it is that we are working towards. So by working on our own mindset and making sure that is strong we can ensure that we are always focused on success!

During mindset month we will be covering a vast array of topics including :

– Self Esteem
– Self Belief
– Confidence in your business
– Support of others/collaboration
– Wellbeing
– Habits
– Personal Development
– Your WHY!
– Goal Setting

If this an area of your expertise and you would be interested in speaking at one of our events, submitting a guest blog post or taking part in a webinar please reply back to this email.

Watch this video about Mindset month: https://youtu.be/UjLZaOKM3nY

We’ll have a guest speaker at all of our meetups sharing their tips to help you and lots of online support including:

– Affirmation challenge on the main BizMums Facebook Page
– Continuing our Instagram Challenge in the BizMums Members Group

FREE Webinar – 15th March 8.30pm Details coming soon
Members Webinars – Tues 21st March 8.30pm and Thurs 30th March Details coming soon

Academy content available to all Members….
– Why do we self sabotage workbook by Tara Stytch:

– Goal Setting Strategies to create your most spectacular year ever:

– Goal setting course:

NEW being added in February
– Discover your purpose Workbook
– From Dream to Done – Business Mastery course!!
– 21 Ideas to help you find more confidence and get more done

Content for Advanced and VIP Members:

(VIP Membership is £190 for 12 months and includes full BizMums Membership + Training courses and group coaching & mentoring from BizMums Founder Michelle Childs. Next enrollment will be in April)

Includes new this month:

– How to Find Your Confidence to Get More Done & Magnetically Attract New Clients and Opportunities. 4 part course

Also available to purchase soon!

DAILY LIVE STREAMS: Join me every morning in the members group at 9.30am where I will be sharing daily tips and motivation! If you can’t catch the it live you can catch up with the recordings.

Our Mini Themes this month will be:

Week 1: Miracle Morning: How to start your day right
Week 2: Grattitude
Week 3: Motivation
Week 4: Confidence

‘Expert of the week’ in our members Facebook group

Every week I will be inviting a guest ‘expert’ to join the group to share their expertise. I will be interviewing them and they will also be running a training!

This months experts are:

Week commencing 6th March Tara Louise
Week commencing 13th March Michala Leyland
Week commencing 20th March Jo Howarthh
Week commencing 27th Feb Lisa Barry
So exciting!!!!

We also have online networking:

Thurs 2nd March at 8.30pm https://www.facebook.com/events/1186862911435226/

Tuesday 8th March at 8.30pm https://www.facebook.com/events/1252317294859202/

Wednesday 22nd March at 8.30pm https://www.facebook.com/events/265696740508914/

This months members matchups! Get matched up to have a chat with another member who you wouldn’t normally get chance to connect with. Find out all the details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1814191952176050/

Please get in touch if you have questions about any of this or anything at all.  We are here to help

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