Money makes the world go round so the saying goes and it pays a very important part in business. If your not making money you don’t have a business and this is an area that BizMums often struggle with. Throughout money month we will be looking at the accounting side of managing money but also the emotional side of managing your money. What are your limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from managing your money correctly and how can you start to make changes. We will also be covering the legal side of things to so looking at tax returns and dealing with HMRC.

Throughout money month we will be covering the following topics :

  • HMRC – Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Self Assesment
  • Setting targets
  • Laws of attraction/abundance

If this an area of your expertise and you would like to get involved by speaking at an event, submitting a guest blog post or taking part in a webinar please email

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