One of the perks of being a BizMum member is the opportunity to network online with our amazing community of self employed women from all across the UK. There are nearly 400 AMAZING ladies currently networking in our Facebook group. We have members from all over the UK from Surrey up to Newcastle Upon Tyne! These ladies have businesses in lots of different industry’s demonstrating lots of different skills. The thing that they all have in common is that they are passionate about their businesses and helping each other.

The one2one members match up scheme was started to help members who were perhaps a little on the shy side to be encouraged to engage with another member who they might not get the opportunity to usually speak to either online or face to face. The intention behind this is for each member to find out how they can help the other, no sales pitches, no life stories just a genuine interest in the business of another and how they can help. Due to the varied industries that are members are in they can find many ways to help each other sharing their skills and knowledge and even those in similar industries find that they enjoy collaborating and working together.

It has been very successful with lots of lovely reports back from members of new friendships formed and business partnerships started which without this wouldn’t of.

Here is what some of our members have said after their matchups

“Just had a fabulous match-up telephone call with the lovely Nikki. It’s likely Nikki and I would never have met/spoke let alone been able to offer each other advice and share our hopes for the future and our journeys and challenges so far if it wasn’t for the Bizmums match ups. Thank you xx” Emma Sadler

“Thanks for my September Bizmum match up Michelle Childs…I was matched up with Heather  and we met up at Apley Farm in Shropshire today, it was lovely to meet Heather and her little boy Laurie and share information about ourselves as well as brainstorming different ideas to do with our businesses! Being new to all this I felt slightly nervous but I’m already looking forward to my next match up now! xxx” Sarah Hill

Frances and I met this morning…four hours later we were still chatting about our plans! It’s lucky we weren’t thrown out of Costa! Great idea Michelle!” Jo Griffiths

How does it work?

Each month we set up an event in the BizMums Members Facebook group that members can join if they would like to be included. We then randomly match them together. Throughout the month they can then get together for a coffee or arrange a phone/skype call for a 30 minute chat about how they can help each other.

If you are a member check out the members Facebook group for this months match up list which will be in the files section. Not a member yet? Find out how to join HERE

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