Hello lovely BizMum,
I hope that everything is going really well for you.
That you’re steady with customers and orders, making the income you deserve and have everything balanced perfectly between your family and business.
That is my sincere wish for all the BizMums.
But I’m quite confident that isn’t the case for many and this makes me sad 🙁
Sad because I know what it feels like.
I’ve been there.
Struggling to fit it all in, struggling to make any money. And it’s not a nice place to be.
But I’ve worked hard and turned it all around, I’m proud to say that I’ve almost got it nailed! Hey, noones perfect I’ve still got some improvements to make but things are coming together quite nicely!
I’m even on top of my house work which is quite an achievement I can tell you!
For a long time I was living a life of excuses. Excuses that were keeping me from being the person I truly wanted to be.
I wasn’t making any money, my excuse was that it was early in the business and these things take time.
Rubbish, I wasn’t focusing on the right areas of the business. I was spreading myself to thinly, trying to do many things and doing them ALL badly!
I was unorganised and my house was a mess, my excuse was that I have a young family and this is just the way things are.
Rubbish,I didn’t have any systems in place and with the amount of clutter I had in my house it was no wonder!
 I reached breaking point.
It wasn’t pretty 🙁
I knew I was worth more and could do better. So I did what I always do when things aren’t working and threw myself into personal development.
Learning from those who are already achieving the success that I was striving for. I took some courses, got a business coach and transformed EVERYTHING.
I’ve been on maternity leave since October but BizMums has just grown and grown even without me working in the business properly. It’s success has surpassed even my ambitions (and I’m very ambitious!) and this is just the start!
The hard work that I have put in over the past 2 and a half years is showing. I’ve learnt so much and I want to pay that forward to you.
Running a business and being a mum DOESN’T need to be a struggle.
You can have a flexible business that fit’s around your children and earn the income you deserve!
You don’t have to compromise. I believe that so passionately and it breaks my heart to see people struggling.
So I’ve put together a program to help, motivate and give you a gentle nudge when you need it.
A program sharing all the tips and tricks that I’ve learnt that are helping me to keep everything in order and to make my business a success.
I want to share them with you.
I wish I could do it for free 🙁 but I have children to feed and a boyfriend to prove wrong (he still gives me a hard time for “playing around on Facebook all day”)
So there is a cost involved but I don’t want this to stop you getting the help that you need.
I’ve been where you are, desperately needing help but not being able to afford it. Chicken and the egg or what!
But the only way I made big changes was to find the ways to make the INVESTMENT in myself that I knew I deserved.
By not investing in myself I was selling myself short. Expecting things to change when I wasn’t prepared to make sacrifices.
So I took a few leaps of faith and magical things started to happen.
They will for you too, you just need to take the first step.
The BizMums 100 Day Business Booster course starts next week and I would really love you to be a part of it.
If you have any questions please ask away

See you soon

P.S I’m open to discussing alternative payment plans so please don’t hesitate to ask. Service swaps can be considered especially if you’re a whizz on computers or a bookkeeper 😉 (just putting that out there) xx

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