There was a time when all you had to do to attract an audience was build a blog. A few well-written posts, some strategic keyword phrases, and you’d have more clients than you could possibly handle

That’s all changed, of course, and now you have to work harder than ever to attract your ideal client. But there are techniques you’re likely not using that could mean the difference between a full diary of clients and…well, a lot of free time.

And the most powerful of those strategies starts with Facebook.

No, I’m not talking about building a fan page or even a group. We all know fan page reach is dismal, and groups are far too plentiful to be effective.

But Facebook advertising offers you an incredible opportunity you may not even be aware of:

* The ability to reach hundreds of thousands of highly-targeted readers

* Truly inexpensive options that will fit every budget

* The power to reach your ideal client where she’s spending the most time

If you haven’t yet tried Facebook advertising, it might surprise you to learn that even a small page audience can quickly grow to hundreds or even thousands of fans, with just a few thoughtful posts. Not only that, but a well-planned giveaway can grow your mailing list by hundreds, seemingly overnight.

What would that do for your business?

Get the inside scoop about using this method of advertising to attract your ideal client at my free webinar on Tuesday 20th June at 8.30pm

Listen to some popular social media experts for more than a minute and you’ll know that Facebook advertising is hot, hot, hot! In fact, it seems like everyone is making a killing with it…except you.

Your ads bring in a few likes, maybe, but no sales. Or if they do bring sales, it’s barely enough to offset the cost of the ads.

Here’s the thing though. It’s not Facebook’s fault your ads aren’t performing. With billions of users and reach that rivals even Google, your market is most certainly on Facebook.

The problem isn’t even with your ads.

The problem is very likely in the follow-up.

You see, Facebook ads are only as good as the planning you put into them. Without a rock-solid back end, your visitors will simply drift away, rather than continuing to engage with you and turn into a client.

Join me on Tuesday 20th June at 8.30pm

On Tuesday 20th June at 8.30pm, I’m hosting a free webinar that will help you decipher not only the ins and outs of Facebook advertising, but also show you what no one else has bothered: how to effectively plan an advertising campaign that works.

You see, there’s a lot more to Facebook ads than simply knowing how to use the power editor.

Join me on Tuesday 20th June at 8.30pm


P.S. Even if you’ve tried Facebook advertising in the past with little success, I urge you to attend this free event. It promises to shed some much needed light on an often confusing marketing tool.

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