How thinking about your customer could save you money next time you PR!

Every time you speak to someone about your business, every time you hand out your business card, you are doing a little bit of PR.

It’s easy to think that PR is all about expensive advertising campaigns and counting the number of articles written about you and your business. But PR is more than that. It’s telling the right people about your business, at the right time, in the right way.

A big glossy advert can be impressive, but if it’s in the wrong publication you won’t be reaching your customers and it could be a huge waste of money, time and effort.

PR doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but to get it right you do need to take some time over it.

Before deciding on the right PR, have a think about who you want to reach. Who are your customers? Decide what you want to tell them and what you want them to do when they hear about your business. Picture what you want to achieve.

Then take some time to imagine what your customers are like. Are they technical, business-minded people? Or are they busy mums on the school run? (Of course they could be both!)

This should give you some ideas about how to speak to them – you wouldn’t normally speak to a teenager in the same way you would speak to your granny and in PR it’s just the same.

It will help you work out the best ways to reach your customers too.

Sending out a press release to lots of national magazines is not the best way to reach a local audience. Instead you might find that joining some local groups, some social networking, and trying to get a regular feature in a local publication works better.

Keep an eye on what’s working and what’s not. Track your website user figures before, during and after any PR activity. Look at your sales figures or the number of enquiries you get. That’ll help you for next time.

Ways to PR your business without breaking the bank

Always remember to work out who you want to talk to before you start – that way you can choose the best way to reach them.

      • Social Media
      • Face-to-face networking or speaking opportunities
      • Articles and features written by you
      • Blogging
      • Competitions
      • Interviews with local press and radio
      • Partnerships with other businesses


Fiona Hatton

Fiona Hatton is the founder of the pr garden and has over ten years’ pr and marketing experience. The pr garden helps small businesses, charities and social enterprises tell the world about what they do.

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