Pinterest is still a relatively new platform, but is growing rapidly and I use it a lot in my business, so here are some top tips on using Pinterest for your business.

So firstly what is Pinterest? Pinterest is a virtual pin board for collecting and organising things you love. Unlike other social media sites Pinterest is a purely visual site, which makes it great for any creative business, but also for plenty of other types of business.

So the basics first, something you share is called a pin, when you share a pin its called a repin. You then group pins together on a board.


So how to use Pinterest for your business, here are some top tips!!

  • Make the most of your boards, separate your pins out into different categories, more about this later on.
  • When you pin something, give it a proper title, description and make sure you link it somewhere, your website, Facebook page, Etsy page etc.


  • Use Pinterest to sell!! If you sell products via your website, Facebook page. Etsy site etc. put a price on your pin, so that this is known, preferably a direct link to where it can be purchased.


  • Interact!! Like most social media accounts the idea is to interact, pin, repin, follow and be followed back.
  • Add a button to your website!
  • Share your pins and boards on Facebook and Twitter, but maybe not all the time!
  • Don’t get hung up on how many people follow etc. I use Pinterest for me for inspiration, planning a project and another place to share my work
  • Make a business account, this looks more professional and can be linked to your website etc. if you already have an account you can convert it!


When you create a business account, here are a few things you need to do:

  • Choose a username recognisable to your business
  • Upload a profile picture
  • Enter a bio
  • Enter a location
  • Link to your website and get it verified!


Ideas on boards and things to pin:

  • Your Products separate by category or by colour, whatever suits you products
  • Your Services slightly tougher to represent visually, but think outside the box!
  • People normal things in your life – office, events, your dog!
  • Videos Anything you’ve posted about our business, or anything you’ve shared anywhere else!
  • Blog snippets or quotes or a visual representation
  • Other people’s products People you are inspired by, you collaborate with? Link to their websites
  • Inspiration Create boards of anything that inspires you
  • Events photos, marketing materials etc. Link to event page
  • Books you’ve read, or related to your business
  • Infographics
  • Sales & Promotions turn vouchers into pins!! Link to offers on your website
  • Customer Images Support your clients! Link to their websites
  • Testimonials
  • Inspirational Quotes

Any images or videos you share anywhere else, can be pins!!

Just like other social media accounts, once you get used to pinning and repinning it will become second nature!

One of the best things about Pinterest is how simple it is! When I first used Pinterest I thought ‘there must be more to it than this’ but there isn’t! You pin, repin and be inspired!

Thanks for reading!!

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