I’ve been in top procrastination mode the past couple of days, my house has never been so clean!

It’s a sure sign to me that I’m resisting doing something important and that important thing was writing this email!

Last Friday night I won a very important award and I knew I needed to write to you and tell you about it but I was struggling to find the right words. 

While I was mopping my kitchen floor last night I realised why!I was embarrassed!Why would winning an award make me embarrassed?I think because in my own head I still haven’t quite caught up with everything that has happened over the past 3 years.I was delighted to be announced winner of the Rachel Elnaugh enterprise award at the Free2network awards in Llandudno.

Winning an award like this has been something that I have aspired to for several years. 
3 years ago I was at the same award ceremony but in quite a different capacity. That year I was there in the day leading up to the event putting on seat covers and helping set up the room, in the evening I was there, serving welcome drinks and showing the guests the table plan. 
At that point I didn’t even have a proper business, I’d left the network marketing business that I was involved with. I knew I wanted to work for myself, I knew that my passion was coaching and personal development but I didn’t have a clue how I could create a a business doing that! 
At that awards evening I was sharing my frustrations with a business friend, Amanda Dodd of Koogar Digital marketing. Amanda asked me a question that changed everything for me.
She asked me if I knew who my ideal customer was, to which I excitedly told her that the business I was planning I could work with anyone and everyone, how brilliant was that! She quickly made me see that actually that wasn’t so brilliant and that if I wanted to make my business a success I needed to figure out who my ideal customer was. 
The next day I found out that I was pregnant and everything fell into place for me, I wanted to help other mums like me who wanted to work from home so that they could be there for their babies…….a few weeks later and BizMums began! 
The following year I was privileged to be nominated and a finalist in the Entrepreneur of the Year category, I went to the awards but I was still lacking in confidence. BizMums was still in the early days and I felt a bit like a fraud as I didn’t feel like I deserved to be a finalist and in that category. I felt out of my depth and not surprised (but still a little disappointed) when I didn’t win.
I was nominated and a finalist again last year, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend as I had just had baby Poppy and wasn’t very well after a difficult delivery.
This year things felt different, I felt like I deserved to be a finalist, I didn’t feel out of my depth or like no one knew who I was. I still felt sick to the stomach with nerves but I felt like I actually had a shot at winning! And I won!! 
In 3 years I went from no business and serving drinks to winning, because of the business that I started! It still hasn’t sunk in to be honest but I’m feeling pretty proud typing this. 
I was embarrassed to write this as I don’t want to come across as big headed or showing off but I hope that my story can inspire you and other mums like you to know that things can turn around.
If you’re doing something now that perhaps you’re not happy with or that you feel isn’t working then you can make a change. Or if you love what you do but don’t feel like your getting anywhere know that if you keep at it, keep learning and growing then you can make it a success.
So to go from feeling like a failure to winning a national award is a huge deal for me but more importantly than that I want you to know that where ever you are in your life and business right NOW, by moving forward even a tiny step each day you can achieve your dreams too!!
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