So…we are well and truly into summer and haven’t seen much sun as yet. When I volunteered to write a guest blog Michelle asked me to write on ‘Feeling Good’…

Hmmmm I thought…it’s the sun that makes me feel good and I wondered what made others feel great. There are many things that help lighten us and make us smile, indeed, in times of austerity the sales of lipstick and chocolate go through the roof! So what makes you feel good?

‘Feeling Good’ encompasses a multitude of things so I asked a few friends what it meant to them. Their thoughts ranged from living in the moment, being balanced spiritually, emotionally and mentally, being surrounded by loved ones to being lighter in weight!

While carrying out a bit of research I found a quote that really resonated with me from Zoe Saldana-
‘Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin.’

Working with skin every day I can appreciate how the wellness of skin and its appearance can affect your mood. Our skin is our largest organ and spends a lifetime trying to detoxify us. We char it in the sun; we cover it in chemicals; we take medications and eat foods that affect it.

Our skin is something that we should be taking extra special care of. Use hair removal for instance that won’t traumatize or damage it. Nourish it with skin care and hair products that are free from synthetic chemicals, consume as few medications as possible by trying alternative therapies and eat clean. With a good summer detox not only will our insides feel better but our skin will glow and feel refreshed. If we look good then we ultimately feel good.

Have a Happy Summer.

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