It’s not just about pretty things, but can be a useful tool too!

Pinterest may appear to be all about pretty pictures and people pinning the dream home they won’t ever own but small businesses particularly have come to use it as part of their strategy for driving traffic to their blogs in particular. With its focus on the visual makes it easy for people to organize and find the information, blog posts, infographics and witticisms that they want, when they want them.

Pinterest is excellent for driving traffic to your website, especially if you make sure you use quality images (that you have permission to use) and for showing the human side of your brand but this article is designed to get you thinking about how YOU can use Pinterest in the running of your business.

As a teaching resource

If you run workshops, training or one to one sessions with people then a great way to keep your own content together is on it’s own board. It’s really good for statistical infographics that demonstrate something to the group you are teaching but also to show examples of what you are a talking about. You don’t have to faff about with a data stick and a death by powerpoint when you can call up the board and show people. They can then follow the board after the session and get any new information you pin to it as well.

As a collaboration tool

If you are working with someone or need to share ideas with a client you can create a board that you can both pin to and visually see if you are both on track, have similar ideas or like the same kind of colours etc. All at a glance. The boards can be kept secret if you don’t want the world to see what you are working on but public if you want to demonstrate your way of working or transparency, it’s up to you really.

Using secret boards as a planning tool

Got a new project or product you’d like to launch and you’re doing some research? Keep everything together easily on a secret board to refer to when you are putting it together.

Use a board to get feedback

Have you got something you need feedback on? A new product or some inspirational messages? Pint them to a board you create for them and ask people to comment on them. The commenting element is an often overlooked element of Pinterest Pins and can get you an extra level of results, send people from your facebook and twitter accounts to add their point of view to your pin.

These are a just a few ways you can view Pinterest as a tool to help you in your business rather than just as another traffic source. Think outside the box a little! Get a bit creative. You don’t have to use any platform in just one way and I hope I’ve inspired you a little to see how you can use Pinterest in a way that helps you out in running your business as well as being another source of traffic for your website.

About Rebekah

Rebekah Harriman
Rebekah Harriman runs, and is a social media consultant, coach and trainer giving you the tools, the know how and the confidence to be authentically yourself and promote your business online. You can sign up to her newsletter on her website to get regular tips, planners and articles that help you make the most of your online presence. You can follow her on Pinterest here.

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